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Project "Finish This Stuff," part 21 - June 2013

**all items purchased by me
**or received as requested samples/gift

Today I've got my Project "Finish This Stuff" update to share, just a little late from when I've normally been posting these updates this year.  Oh, well.  Better late than never.  These are all the things that I finished during the month of June.  I've got quite a few samples finished, as well as some travel and full sized items.  As usual, I'll include mini reviews of everything featured.  I actually had quite a few things I liked for once!  Let's get started!
  • Tizo Lotion for Ultra Sensitive Skin water resistant spf 35 uva/uvb - requested sample from the dermatologist.  I used this on a pretty warm day that I was outside in the sun for a gardening project.  I did not experience any sunscreen running into my eyes like with some other facial sunscreens since this one is water resistant.  There was only enough for one use and I have no idea how much this costs.  If I don't find a water resistant facial sunscreen at the drugstore I like, I would consider getting this one (but I have no idea how it works under makeup).
  • Clarisonic Mia Sensitive Brush head - I got about 4 months use out of this (it went in the bag at the start of June, I for some reason didn't use it for about a month, and even on a regular basis I only use it every other night).  I really enjoyed the way this feels so I haven't tried any of the other heads yet.  I repurchased a twin pack already.  It is recommended to replace it every 3 months (especially if you are using it every night).
Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference line samples - asked for these at the counter in Dillards:
  • 3 packs of the Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum (top picture) ~see my thoughts below~
  • 2 packs of Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser - I tend to not like exfoliating cleansers since I feel like I always push too hard and end up with some temporary minor irritation.  I'd rather use my Clarisonic or a chemical exfoliator.  I won't purchase.
  • 2 packs of Optimizing Skin Serum  - by the time I got through using the 3 packs in the upper picture and these 2, I was already seeing a difference.  I plan on elaborating more in a future post.  Already purchased the full size.
  • 1 pack of Skin Balancing Lotion with SPF 15 - this was alright, but I still prefer a higher SPF.  I also felt like it left my skin a little too moisturized, but when I opened my second pack and used less, I didn't notice that.  Nice, but not exactly my perfect match - won't purchase.
  • Jergens Ultra Healing lotion travel size - received as gift.  Not my favorite lotion.  I didn't care for the scent and didn't find it to be as hydrating as I like, especially for night time.  Won't purchase.
  • Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Paris Nights - either free with purchase or free with a coupon.  I really liked the scent of this and despite how much fragrance is packed into it, I did not notice irritation when I used it immediately after shaving.  No scent-induced eye irritation either (like I had with the Rainkissed Leaves one)  If/when I resume purchasing from Bath & Body Works, this is a scent I would consider purchasing but in the Body Cream formula (not lotion).  I already have the Fine Fragrance Mist.  Of course, if you know of an inexpensive dupe to the scent, then let me know!!
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - sample that came with purchase.  I sure hope that all the little tubes of Primer Potion samples I have are better than this foil pack on cardboard, since I thought this was very dry feeling.  I didn't notice anything that superior to the E.L.F. $1 primer, nor the Wet 'n Wild Fergie primer.  Won't purchase (since I have so many other primer samples as well as full-sized from other brands that do just as well for me).
  • Equate Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 50, water resistant - it works as long as you are careful with application to get everywhere (I learned that lesson this summer already).  This does smell like you are on the way to the beach  in that it's very sunscreen-y.  I still have a backup from last year (I've already checked the date and it's still good).  If I can't find the next one, then I would repurchase from Walmart.
  • Bahama Bo's SPF 30 Sport Spray Sunscreen, water resistant - I bought this one from Big Lots.  Again, as long as you are careful with application, it works well.  This is also what I used last summer when I would get in our pool.  No burns at all last year.  ~I'd be doing the same this year if the weather would ever clear up....grrrr.~  What I really liked about this one is that it doesn't have your typical sunscreen scent.  Rather, it smells like coconuts and you're in a tropical paradise.  I still have a backup from last year (I've already checked the date and it's still good).  Would repurchase (when needed/if I can find it again).
  • Suave Professionals Black Raspberry + White Tea Color Care Conditioner - I really like this conditioner for my hair.  It leaves my hair feeling nicely conditioned without being weighed down or getting greasy looking quickly.  I do leave it in longer than the directions say (but I do that with all my conditioners).  Since I really wanted it finished and there wasn't enough for one last hair use, I decided to use it on my legs as a "shave cream" but it didn't work as well for that as the other conditioner I've been using for shaving does.  I still have a backup of this conditioner, and unless I fall in love with something else more than this, I would repurchase.
I thought I was going to get a few more things finished by the end of June, but when the last day/night of the month rolled around, there was still more product in each thing.  Do some of these things get automatic refills when you're not looking, or what?  But as I always say, what didn't get finished this month will hopefully be coming up in the next month's update.

If you know of a really good, non-irritating but also water resistant sunscreen for the face, let me know please!!  And if you know of a drugstore version of the Paris Nights scent, also let me know!!  Have you used any of these products?  What did you think of them?

**all items purchased by me or received as requested samples/gift
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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