Wednesday, July 17, 2013

OPI Don't Touch My Tutu!

**all items purchased by me

I thought I'd do a nail post since it's been a while.  I don't have much to say about this one, other than instant French manicure in a bottle.  I have a lot of natural color distinction between my nail bed and my free edge, so this polish really does make it look like I did an old-school French mani with the white under the sheer color.

So over a base coat of Bridge the Ridge, I put 2 coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu!.  I believe that I did use a coat of Out the Door top coat since I was doing my nails later in the evening and still needed to do some chores.
Don't Touch My Tutu! is from the NYC Ballet Soft Shades Spring 2012 collection, which I just recently picked up for a whole $.99.  It's a nice, sheer milky white polish which I surprisingly really like.  I originally got it thinking I was going to try my hand at a jelly sandwich, but I haven't gotten there yet.  According to Scrangie, this is actually a jelly polish, so I may have to put this back on and see how it looks with a 3rd coat, and of course with a glitter layered in between as well.
In person, I didn't notice the streakiness/unevenness that's on my thumb, but then I also knew I was going to be adding glitter so I might not have paid much attention.  I did have glitter on top but I didn't get a chance for some reason to get pictures before it chipped off.  Life gets busy and we move on...but I think I might have to recreate since I really enjoyed the final look.  If I wasn't planning on another pool day in the backyard tomorrow, I'd seriously contemplate recreating the final look right now.

I ended up being really pleased with my soft-looking mani.  Maybe my palette needed some cleansing.  I'm not sure, but I'm not complaining.  For occasions that a more subdued mani are more appropriate, this is going to be a contender (as long as I don't have any funky staining from other colors).

Do you have Don't Touch My Tutu!?  What would you pair with it?

**all items purchased by me
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