Monday, July 8, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - A Tour of Airports...


I thought today would be a good day to share some of the pictures from my recent trip.  The day was supposed to be both the Mister and I going to DC (he had a board meeting and then we were going to do some sightseeing after), but then the weather got involved.  The airline (U.S. Airways) could not guarantee that our flight would be on the ground in time for him to get to his meeting, so he decided that since we, ourselves, had purchased my ticket (his was company purchased) I might as well use it while he stayed and essentially teleconferenced (or whatever it's called now) for the meeting.  So let's see how my day went through lots of pictures...

Finally got to the planned layover/transfer - Charlotte, North Carolina:
 This airport is HUGE!!!  I counted at least 3 Starbucks in the section I wondered through...

A banner from the airport and a picture of my souvenir from Charlotte (loved the pink gradient!):
On the super tall clock, there was airplanes mounted that spun in circles:
At spots throughout the airport (like beside the moving sidewalks that were next to tarmac windows), there were rocking chairs put out for travelers as well as live trees planted.  I was quite impressed.

Literally parked on the tarmac for an hour...look at all the other planes lined up to go as well.  (Bad weather was happening in DC and up the eastern coast at that time.)  At least the pilot let all the passengers use cell phones and computers during the wait.
After all that time waiting, we were on our way to DC!  Oh, wait.  Another storm moved in before we could land - first time I've seen lightning while up in the air.  We ended up getting diverted to Richmond Virginia, which is not a very interesting airport to be stuck at for a while.  We were there in the plane for about 20 minutes, then got to go inside the airport for about an hour, then back onto the plane for more waiting.  

Here's my souvenir from Richmond Virginia:
One cute little pink metal jointed bear.  :-)

Between the waiting around at Charlotte, the diversion to Richmond, more waiting there and then finally circling DC eight times, it only took that flight about 5 hours (it was supposed to be one hour).  At least there was a nice lady to talk to across the aisle from me to talk to and hang out with.  But now we're finally landed in DC at the Reagan airport!!  And it's raining, a lot...

The right picture is from inside the shuttle bus used to take people from terminal to terminal.  Luckily it was between rain bursts so I didn't have to hike through the airport so I got to go on a little bus ride - you just had to wait for plane traffic to clear.

 A bit of shopping inside the DC Market Place at Reagan airport:
I got the Mister an Air Force One flight crew shot glass and I got me a new mascot!  The Shopaholic Watchover Voodoo Doll - how appropriate.  :-)

A gorgeous sunset over the airport and where I finally got a meal:
I got the blackened chicken caeser burrito and it was pretty good.  The Reagan airport is not the best place to be at for any length of time, especially if you need to eat something.  I ended up eating "picnic style" on the floor since there was absolutely no seating available anywhere.  And if you're there past 9:30 at night, the little bit of shopping and the restaurants/food places close up shop.  From the time we landed, to the time I finally boarded my last flight, I had been standing for 4 hours.

All I got to see of the monuments, or anything really, was this tiny peak of the Washington Monument centered through the gangway pieces...

Finally!  About 11:20 at night, we got to get on a little shuttle and got bused out to where our plane was parked...right next to a bunch of baggage cars.
It was probably about 11:45 by the time we got in the air to fly back to Akron-Canton.  Since the pilot had to circle and re-approach the landing (apparently no pilot had been able to land on the first try all evening up at Akron-Canton), we didn't get on the ground until around 1:00 a.m.  Can we say... I'm sleepy?  By the time the Mister came and got me home it was about 1:20.  Needless to say, I crashed on the couch - barely getting my shoes off.

I sure hope that next time the Mister has a board meeting in DC, we do things a little different so we can actually do something besides tour 4 different airports like I did for our my little day trip.  At least I can say that the crew was nice on all the flights, despite everything being so late and drawn out and each time we had to sit waiting for any long length of time, the pilot let the passengers use phones and computers.  I definitely got my money's worth out of that plane ticket.

Have you been anywhere interesting lately?  How was your travel time?

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