Thursday, July 25, 2013

Early July Collective Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I thought today would be a good day to clean out the "haul folder" on the computer.  There's a lot of little purchases, so this won't completely clean out the folder... More for another day!  These were all picked up on different days over about a week.  Clearly I need to stop leaving the house so much.  lol  But since I'm a shopaholic, we all know that won't happen - maybe just slow down a tad.

First up, Big Lots:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Sweetie Pie
NYC In a New York Minute in Python Green
~$1.00 each!~
 E.L.F. Bronzer & Blush (plus kabuki brush)
My favorite CVS brand Eye Makeup Remover (I've gone through multiples)
~I did notice that the lid is different again (maybe my current bottle is a bonus size?) so I'll probably switch lids when the time comes so it's harder to accidentally pour out too much~

North Coast Beauty Supply (local shop):
China Glaze in Cowardly Lyin'
~from the 2009 Wizard of Ohh Ahz Returns! collection~
~I'm looking at the rest of that collection over on Scrangie's site, and lots of pretties there (might have to do some hunting around)~
~I got it on sale for $.99!!~

A couple from the grocery store (Giant Eagle):
Maybelline Baby Lips - Electric collection in Oh Orange!
Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel

I think that's enough pictures for today.  I've already used a couple of things a couple times, but not enough to really make any opinions.  I'm hoping that the Baby Lips shows up at least a little on me... The makeup remover is a backup.  I had gone to CVS that day looking for something (maybe a limited edition collection?) - didn't find it there, but I didn't want to waste the trip since it's definitely out of my way so I bought a new bottle knowing I was about half way through my current.  

As far as not shopping as much...I do know that I want to head back to North Coast to look for the Fall collection from OPI (gotta get my hands on the new liquid sands) and the Fall PixieDusts.  Hopefully they will get enough in and/or restock so that I can take my time purchasing them, since it does add up quickly.  And I still want to get a couple of skin care things that I mentioned in my post from the other day.  Those are all the things that have caught my eye (so far) but I know that the drugstores haven't brought out any fall displays yet so....we'll see.

Have you used any of these products?  What did you think of them?  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. Nothing beats dollar nail polish! But I'm with you on the waiting for the fall collections...I'm limiting my shopping to save for fall! The best collections in my vampy polish! :)

    1. Vampy colors are so gorgeous! I love when fall collections come out. :-)