Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bic Simply Soleil Razor Review

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I thought today I would do a review on a product I bought a while ago, but since it got lost in the shuffle for quite a while, I just finalized my thoughts recently.  That product is the Bic Simply Soleil Razors.  I purchased the pack of razors from Walmart hoping they would give me as good of a shave as my favorite, but more expensive, razor.  So let's see what I thought!
The Simply Soleil razors come in a 4-pack for under $5 from Walmart.  These have 3 blades plus lubricating strips infused with Vitamin E.
Let's start with what I do like.  umm.... it's a pretty pink color.  The price is decent - a little over $1 per razor.  That's pretty much it.

How about what I don't like:
  • I don't get a "flawlessly smooth shave" as the package promises.  
  • The lubricating strips don't protect my legs from razor burn and nicks.  In fact, in the few times that I've used this particular razor I've actually had more irritation than ever before.  And I get quite a few nicks each time as well, which I did not get with my other razor (even after using the same head dozens of times).  And yes, I used the same shave "cream" - Pantene hair conditioner, which has never let me down using my favorite razor.  
  • And lastly, as far as the "beautiful handles to enhance your shaving experience," well...I really do not like them.  I find the handle far too slippery, which has contributed to the amount of nicks I've received.
To wrap this review up, I do not like the Bic Simply Soleil Razor at all and I am not looking forward to using the rest that's in the package.  I absolutely do not recommend this razor.  Sometimes you're just better off sticking with what works, rather than trying something cheaper.

What's your favorite razor?  How about shaving cream?

**all items purchased by me
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