Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Be Ama-Zing! and Big City Dazzle

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Time for another ABC challenge post!  Once again, I picked 2 untried polishes that both start with the letter B.

I used a ridge-filling base coat, of course.  And then I did 2 coats of Nicole by OPI Be Ama-Zing!.  And after a minute or 2, I put on a coat of Out the Door, which then proceeded to pull a never-seen-by-me stunt on gave me matte tips!  Maybe when I did the edges with it, some pooled on top and that did some funky reaction, I don't know.  But since it did (and on all my nails) it helped me decide on the next step (below).
Be Ama-Zing! is from the Kellogg's Special K and Nicole by OPI collaboration.  It's a lovely bright magenta pink (on my nails in person, it's leaning more red pink- like the label shot below), but not so bright it looks like a neon.  I could have gotten away with just one coat, but I added a second since it was getting it's picture taken.  
~label shot is most color accurate~

I already knew I wanted to use a glitter polish but I hadn't decided on how I wanted to put it - all over, gradient from the cuticles, funky french, accent....  But since I had unintentional matte tips that were all uneven, I decided to do a glitter gradient from the tips using NYC Big City Dazzle.  I just brushed it on where I wanted it, then after all my nails were done once went back and added a bit more on just the tips.  After pictures, I added another coat of Out the Door to seal everything down and smooth it out.
Big City Dazzle is in the New York Minute formula and it's labeled as "Sparkle Top Coat."  That means that this polish that has blue and magenta micro glitters and gold even tinier micro shimmers was perfect for this type of application.  The base wasn't even too thick either.
I really like this combination and the way the glittery sparkle top coat looks done as a gradient.  I've actually already featured Big City Dazzle in one post, but just as a comparison to another polish so it was only on for a matter of an hour or so - I still considered it untried.  Not anymore!

Has your top coat every done anything strange to your manis?

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