Friday, July 26, 2013

A Crewed Interest got an Atomic Splash

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Any idea why there's a giant letter "A" up above?  No?  Well, I decided I'm finally going to work my way through the ABC polish challenge!  I first read about this challenge last year (if I remember right) on Essie Rae's blog, iHeartPrettyPolish, and just recently Kirsten over at Geeky Owl has started it.  I thought to myself, why keep putting this off?  Just go for it!  So I am.  What better way to really wear my massive stash?  The posts most likely won't be up back to back days since I do prefer to wear each manicure I do until it chips off.  So prepare for seeing 26 (or more) never-before-seen-on-my-nails polishes!  Or at least my goal is to use all untrieds (we'll have to see when it comes to a less-used letter like Z).

So, for my first post in the challenge, I started off with a base coat of Bridge the Ridge (which I keep adding thinner to so I can get more life out of the bottle).  Then I added 2 coats of Essie A Crewed Interest.  I topped that off with a coat of Out the Door to help it dry faster and seal it all in.
A Crewed Interest is from the Spring 2012 Navigate Her collection.  I paid a whole $2 for this from Walgreens a month or 2 ago (I just never got that haul posted).  This pretty pinky-peach creme color went on pretty easily, but it was slow drying, even with the top coat.  It could be Essie doesn't get along with Out the Door.  My first coat was on the thinner side with a medium-thick second coat which made it nice and opaque.
Then I did a quick glitter gradient going from the cuticles using Orly Atomic Splash.  The suspension base gave me a little unevenness, so I topped that off with another coat of Out the Door to make it smooth and shiny.  
Atomic Splash is from the Flash Glam FX collection, which I believe was only available in 2012 for in-store purchase (but it's still available on  It's comprised of gunmetal hex glitters in 2 sizes.  My pictures are making most of the glitter look black, but I promise it's not.  The base is clear and on the slightly thick side, which made it a little tricky to do the gradient just using the brush.  It did need a very good shake before using since all the glitters had sunk and there was quite a bit of the suspension base just sitting on top in the bottle.  
This would look neat over other colors as well.

~Note to self: try glitter gradients using a cosmetic sponge to absorb excess base.~
~Another note to self: Essie does not get along with Out the Door on my nails - you're mileage may vary.  I'll have to remember to use China Glaze Fast Track with all my Essie polishes~

My first challenge post is done!  There might be a post coming up for "B" sooner than expected since I've already got some tip shrinkage on a few nails.  Once that happens, I tend to play with it until it chips.  And my thumb nail already has a tiny chip from where the edge shrunk.

Do you have either of these polishes?  How do you decide what polish to put on each time?  Have you ever attempted a challenge like this?

**all items purchased by me
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