Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Secret Outlast Clear Gel - Influenster Product Review

**received complimentary for testing purposes

It's time to do another review of a product that came in my Influenster SpringFever VoxBox!  This time, it's Secret Outlast Clear Gel.

I've been using Secret since I was a teen.  Never had a reaction to it like I did with other brands.  I'm not picky on the scent - I just always purchased the invisible solid.  I don't recall using gel deodorants before. So I was super excited to see this new-to-me clear gel antiperspirant/deodorant in my VoxBox.  Now I'm using the Outlast Clear Gel in the completely clean scent and I'm really liking it - even more than the invisible solid.  With my old invisible solid, I would see white marks sometimes, but I'm not worried about that anymore!!

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT (Brand info from Influenster's site)
Secret Outlast Clear Gel: no white marks and 48 hour protection all for about $4.
No white marks:

  • Rub-off resistant coverage for no white marks: Formula is designed to adhere to your skin and resist rub-off onto clothing, leaving no white marks or residue plus effective 48-hour protection that goes the extra mile.
  • Fast drying ingredients: Secret Outlast is specifically formulated to dry faster than other clear gels. The formula contains fast drying ingredients that evaporate in seconds, providing a fresh and clean feel.
48 hour protection:
  • Designed to work in even the most hot, humid and stressful situations: Secret Outlast contains odor-absorbing microcapsules that activate when you need them most – to capture odor and release a fresh scent. 
  • Outlast is clinically tested to help stop odor before it starts, continually working to detect odor and wetness, ensuring coverage whether you’re sitting still OR on the move.
  • The pH of Secret Outlast helps minimize odor-causing bacteria and provides longer lasting 48-hour protection; plus, 2X more odor-fighting Ingredients vs. the top-selling APDO for freshness that lasts as long as you do!

My thoughts:
I find that, for me, one click per side is the perfect amount.  I've not experienced any irritation even when I put it on shortly after shaving my underarms.  It does take a minute or so to fully dry, but even while it's drying I don't feel like I've got a bunch of goo on me.  I think that this feels really nice to apply - it gives a bit of a cooling sensation, which I'm appreciating now that it's finally warming up.  I tend to wear shirts that lean more towards the jewel-tone side of things pretty much all year and I haven't noticed any white marks after getting dressed or while trying on new tops at the store.  Yay!  This antiperspirant/deodorant is leaving me fresh and dry feeling - no sweaty smell here, even after hard yard work.  I'm not sure about the 48 hour claim, but it does last at least 24 hours.  Any time that I put this on, I immediately feel freshened up.

Will I purchase this product on my own?  YES!  This has quickly become my go-to product for feeling fresh in a hurry and leaves me feeling cool and dry.

No more of this:

**"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."
**my opinions are my own
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