Monday, June 3, 2013

Project "Finish This Stuff," part 20 - May 2013

**all items either purchased by me or received as samples 

It's time to show off how much beauty trash I made in May.  I finished a little bit of everything it seems.  As always, I've included mini reviews of my items and whether or not I'll purchase/repurchase.

  • Revlon CustomEyes mascara - it seems like this came packaged with an eyeshadow sometime last year.  This mascara flaked on me from the beginning and it also seemed to be too wet for the first month of it being open.  From other mascaras, I've been able to get more than 2-3 months of use out of (that's not recommended by pros, but since I don't wear makeup every day...) but this I was barely able to get 3 months of use out of it before it really dried out to the point it was unusable.  The twist-able brush didn't seem to make any difference in how it applied, either.  I'm not sure if this is made anymore, but if it is, I won't purchase.  
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (sample on a card) - this came with one of my many orders from last year.  I'm not sure if it's because of the way it was presented in the little packet or if the formula is different, but this seemed extremely dry compared to the tube I have...from the moment I opened it.  Theoretically there was enough product in the sample for multiple uses, it was just too dry.  I have a couple more of these as well as multiple Primer Potion samples in tubes.  I probably won't purchase this on its own as I'm really loving my Wet 'n Wild Fergie line primer, and the E.L.F. $1 primer does a good job for me as well.
  • L'Oreal Youth Code Day/Night Cream - foil sample pack.  This absorbed pretty well, but my skin was ever so slightly tacky.  The sample was barely enough for one application to use on both the face and neck.  It did leave a nicely moisturized feel without feeling greasy.  One sample wasn't enough to make an opinion on.  Might purchase, if on sale, once I use up other facial lotions/creams.
  • T3 Soothing Moisturizer - foil sample pack.  This came with a sample of acne medication from the dermatologist.  Nothing that special, and I think that it's only available through prescription.  Won't purchase.
  • Bath & Body Works body lotion in Moonlight Path - travel size (might have been free with coupon, purchase may/may not have been required).  I enjoyed this scent a whole lot better than the one I finished last month (rain kissed leaves).  If I hadn't "banned" myself from Bath & Body Works, this is a scent I might consider repurchasing, especially in my preferred triple moisture body cream form.  If you know of an inexpensive "dupe" for this, please let me know!!
  • One 'n Only Argan Oil oil treatment - sample size purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.  I liked this oil pretty well for use after straightening my hair to try to tame my fly-aways.  I've also been really concentrating argan oil on a certain, extremely damaged, section of my hair.  I've got 4 more of these little samples (I think they were about 50 cents when I got them).  I probably won't repurchase (at least this year) since I do have several backups of this, as well as other hair oils in my stash.
  • Eucerin Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash - sample from the dermatologist.  I did not like this at all. It came out of the bottle looking as thin as oil.  It didn't really lather like I prefer, and I also didn't feel any difference in dry sections of my skin.  Not to mention, I think I only got 3 uses out of this sample.  I prefer body washes that lather and leave my skin feeling moisturized (unless I'm using my Neutrogena body wash).  Won't purchase.
  • Colgate Optic White Dual Action toothpaste - didn't notice any difference as far as whitening goes from before I started it to when the tube was done.  It also didn't have as much of a minty-fresh feeling like I prefer.  One thing I did like and appreciate was I could get pretty much every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube.  Probably won't repurchase.
  • Crest 3d White Vivid toothpaste - Crest is normally the brand that I use.  I was hoping to see more of a difference in whiteness on my teeth since it is "vivid"...annoying marketing getting my hopes up probably.  This does leave a nice minty feeling after brushing.  I did notice that since I had paused in the middle of using this to try the Colgate, when I came back to the Crest it seemed as if what little was left in the tube had dried out.  I do feel like the packaging could use improvement as it's hard to get out all the toothpaste.  Will repurchase (either this or another in the 3D white line).
  • Reach Access Flosser refills - this is the only type of floss I can use.  I've gone through countless packages of these over time, but this is the first time I've remembered to put it in the empties.  One package has about 1 month's worth of product.  It's more expensive to floss with the Reach Access Flosser but I can't use regular floss - I've got a small mouth and my molars are really tight together so I  was never able to successfully use the regular wrap-around-your-fingers floss and get every nook and cranny that needed to be done.  I've already repurchased and will continue to do so.
  • CVS Eye Makeup Remover oil-free - CVS's version of the Neutrogena remover.  I prefer to use the oil-free versions that you shake to combine.  I've gone through several bottles of this, and I plan on continuing to use this one.  The price is great and it works better than Walgreens' version of the Neutrogena.  I've already opened my backup of this and will need to replenish my stock the next time I'm out at CVS.  Will definitely repurchase.
  • Suave Black Raspberry + White Tea Color Care shampoo - this is the second bottle of this particular shampoo I've gone through.  I'd say that of all the color care shampoos I've used, this is my favorite.  I find it doesn't strip my color (which is red - notorious for fading quickly), my hair feels soft and clean, I'm in love with the scent.  This shampoo is one that I will continue to repurchase and come back to (but I'll keep experimenting with others just to see if I come across something better).
  • Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap in White Citrus - I like the scent, but I'm over purchasing expensive hand soap.  I have no more unopened hand soap bottles from Bath & Body Works now.  Won't repurchase.
That's all I managed to use up.  I was close on a couple other things, forgot to use a couple of samples that I had picked out... But that means that I've got a start on the count for June finishes.  Always trying to stay positive and not get discouraged at how slow progress seems to be at times.  At least I can say that yes, I am using products...some months a lot of things, other months just a few, but they are getting used.  I've still got a lot of lotion samples I want to get through (for my mini-project goal) and I've quite a few skin care samples that need used, as well as some older full-size skin care things.  I have way too large of a hair product supply, but those always take a long time to get through.  I'm also really concentrating on finishing a foundation and a couple concealers, and I've long-since hit pan on about 5 pressed powders.

I'm going to keep on working on my project, and my mini-project.  The more I finish, the more room I'll have and it will be easier to find and use things that I really do like.  I'm also going to try not to purchase multiples of items (unless I already know I love it and/or it's on sale or have a coupon).

Have you finished much lately?  Please let me know if you know of an inexpensive dupe for that Moonlight Path scent!!  I'm also in the market for a nice, moisturizing eye cream that isn't too heavy (if it treats dark circles, all the better).  I'm open to suggestions!!

**all items either purchased by me or received as samples (requested, came with purchase or from the dermatologist)
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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