Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Julie G - Blueberry Fizz Nails

**all items purchased by me

Time for a nail post!  Today I've got a Julie G gumdrop polish in Blueberry Fizz.  I've already posted swatches of the entire collection on my nail wheel (click here for that post), but it's always nice to see them on the actual nail as well.  Even though these have been out for a while, I still see full or nearly full displays in Rite Aid all the time.

This is 2 coats of Blueberry Fizz.  I don't recall if I had on any base coat or a treatment, but it's rare that I do a mani without a coat of either a ridge filler or a coat of Seche Recondition, so there's a good chance I had one on.  Of course, no top coat since this is a textured polish.

Blueberry Fizz is a nice periwinkle blue shade that has shiny silvery-blue glitter chunks mixed in with the rest of the texture.  My pictures are all showing this polish a bit brighter than it is in real life.  The texture is not extremely rough feeling to the touch, but the bumpy feeling is there - this feels similar to the Liquid Sand texture polishes from OPI that have the chunky glitter.  Drying time was pretty good, considering the fact that there's no quick dry top coat used.  I keep thinking about getting a bottle of drying drops...those might work with all the textured polishes...

Julie G Gumdrops are selling at Rite Aid for $3.99 each, which is a really great price (comparing to OPI, Nicole by OPI and Zoya).

Did you get any of the Julie G Gumdrops?  Or are you over the textured trend?  (I'm not!!)  Have you used drying drops?  Do they work?  What brand do you recommend?

**all items purchased by me
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