Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Wanna Change My Storage...


Since I'm not feeling too well this evening, I decided to hop on here and do a quick post about storage (again).  There are 2 things that I would love to purchase right now.  One was originally going to be my incentive for not purchasing any more makeup for the month of June, but last night I was looking through my collection and decided I really do not like the way it's fact, I kind of hate it since I can't get to the backs of most of my current plastic drawers.

So let's see what I want to revamp my makeup to be housed in (in addition to my vanity table):
 10 drawers of organizing goodness for about $30
total size: 15.125 x 12.3 x 42

As for polish, I currently am using 6 (yes six) of these:
and pretty much all 18 drawers are maxed out, and I have polish sitting in baskets and on a couple spice racks in my closet, as well as a plastic shoebox containing all my textured polishes.  The drawers, unfortunately, don't have much depth to them - I think I can only line up about 6 bottles before I have to move on to the next row.

I want to replace part of that storage with this:

Of course, with the Helmer unit I've got 3 options to purchase it: (1) order it online and pay for shipping, (2) drive a state over to Pennsylvania or (3) drive down to Columbus (which is actually a longer trip than driving to Pennsylvania).  I think the cheapest option would be to actually order it online and pay $20 or so in shipping since it would cost way more than that in gas for the car.

If I could actually find Michaels Craft Store's version of the Helmer I would definitely go with that option.  Maybe I need to take a trip to the craft store while I'm out tomorrow...

What do you use to store your makeup and polish in (especially if you have a, ahem, large collection?

**my opinions are my own

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