Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Essie Lilacism with China Glaze Bling It On

**all items purchased by me

I thought today I would do a nail post for a mani that I had on last month.  I was actually quite sad when it was time to take it off.  This mani lasted several days, including doing some gardening so I was quite impressed with the wear time.

So how did I come up with this combo?  I was swatching the China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces collection onto a wheel and while I was waiting for it to dry, I looked over at my wheel storage box and the Essie wheel was on top and Lilacism jumped out at me as the perfect base color to use one of my new China Glaze glitters with.  So as soon as I was done swatching on my wheels, I grabbed the Essie out of the drawer and off I went to polish my nails.

This is 2 medium-thick coats of Essie Lilacism over a ridge filling base coat.  I used China Glaze Fast Track to speed things up.
Essie Lilacism is a pretty, soft lilac color that is on the cool side.  I'd say it has a touch of gray to it.  Essie is a brand that I have better luck with application when I use medium-thick coats rather than thin.  If I'd used thin coats, I'd say I probably would have needed 3.

Then I added on a coat of China Glaze Bling It On to my ring fingers - no thumbs this time since I didn't want to have to use acetone and weaken the patch that was on my thumb nail.  This glitter was incredibly difficult to capture accurately in my pictures.  Maybe I needed some sunshine.
China Glaze Bling It On has a clear base that is pretty much a perfect consistency.  And it's packed with shiny purple and matte black glitters in medium hex as well as small hex glitters and black long bar glitters.  I believe there is also large black hex glitter, but I didn't get any on either of my ring fingers (and I'm fine with that).  I think that I did do some dabbing/placing with the brush to get a more even spread of glitter, but it wasn't bad.  I did have to make sure I didn't end up with any of the bar glitters hanging off the edge, though.

Even though I wasn't in love with the collection based on initial swatches I was seeing of this collection online, I'm happy I ended up changing my mind and getting these - I love the complexity of the glitter (for being a main-stream brand).  It's super different from all my other shiny glitters that just have 1 shape.

What would you layer Bling It On over?  I'd love some ideas to play with this one, as well as the others from the collection!

**all items purchased by me
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  1. Your nails looks so beautiful and this nail polish looks so cute on you (your nails :)). Did you know that Essie Lilacism was my first Essie nail polish?

    1. Thanks, Erika! Lilacism is such a pretty color for an intro to the Essie line. :-)