Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Chasing Bunny


It's time for a Workout Wednesday update.
Not a whole lot to report, other than I seem to be stuck in a rut as far as losing anything goes.

My exercise lately has been gardening - yesterday I chopped out 2 dead/dying bushes and 4 trees of various sizes (biggest one was about as tall as me, but still thin), plus lots of digging and weeding over the past week or so.  I've also still got some more trees that need to come out since they are in spots where if they keep growing, they will do some damage to the driveway and retaining wall, and there's still massive amounts of weeding that need to be done.  Eventually I'll need to buy bags of mulch to put down - that will be a workout by itself - no help from the Mister for any of that.

Today I had a new exercise - chasing one of the pet bunnies around the yard (in wedges, no less) trying to get her back inside.  I estimate that took somewhere between a half-hour to almost an hour before I finally got my hands on her and scooped her up.  My reward?  The first 2 mosquito bites of the season.  Oh, I also had to move around our new microwave way too many times by myself.  So today I've had my cardio as well as some strength training.

I need to get more disciplined with regular workout sessions (with videos and weights and stuff).

As far as diet goes, I still need to work on getting better portion control, and cut back on the sweets again.  Maybe I should think about cutting back on the carbs some as well.  Eat lighter - more fruits and veggies, less bread and crackers.  I did roast off a batch of asparagus tonight - yum!  Perfect pairing for the pizza (thin crust) the Mister was in the mood for.

What's your favorite way to workout?  I want something fun to do, not workouts disguised as chores...

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