Friday, May 17, 2013

Wet 'n Wild - The Wonder Yellows


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I was feeling rather uninspired today as far as writing anything in-depth, so I thought I'd do another (simple) nail post.  I've spent so much time outside the last few days that I am ready for a day "off".  Let's just wrap up the last few days' outside work with "bruises, blisters and backaches - oh, my!"  Oh, I forgot the mosquito bites.  At least I didn't get a sunburn - I pretty much stayed in the shade most of the time I was out.

Anyway, on to the polish!  I think I had on a ridge-filler, but I'm not positive.  And after I took my pictures I do remember putting on either China Glaze Fast Forward or Out the Door since I needed to get out the door and my polish wasn't dry yet.  I'd say my main problem with this polish was that it didn't dry quickly, even though it is a "FastDry" polish.

The polish is Wet 'n Wild The Wonder Yellows #224C.  I believe this is 3 coats, and while it looks opaque in some conditions, there's still visible nail line so it's more of a semi-opaque finish at 3 coats.  It didn't bother me too much since the color was so bright and cheery.  No removal issues with this polish.
 The top picture is with sunlight through the window
 Under my normal lamp

Brush strokes show some with this polish, but I think that helps to show off the golden-yellow shimmer that is in the nice bright, sunny yellow.  While I had this on, I did get a compliment on it.  I'd say this polish basically screams summer!, which I think I'm ready for (enough of the temperatures bouncing around).

The Wonder Yellows is a part of the core line where ever Wet 'n Wild is sold; it's around $2.

**all items purchased by me
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