Thursday, May 16, 2013

OPI DS Temptation


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Time for a nail post!  A few weeks ago, I wore OPI's DS (designer series) Temptation...and I have mixed feelings over how well I like it.  In the bottle, so pretty!  Once on...mmmm....I like it but I don't.

This is 3 (yes, 3!) coats of DS Temptation.  I believe that I had on a ridge-filling base coat under.  I did not use topcoat.
You can see a couple flecks of the holo that's in there

This polish, while pretty in the bottle, is not so nice to put on.  The first coat was extremely streaky, and was on the chunky side due to the glitter.  The second coat made it look a little better, but there was still definitely visible nail line.  By the 3rd coat, it was pretty much opaque.  But when it dried, it actually reminded me of the textured polishes that are out now - I'm sure that a layer or 2 of topcoat would have smoothed it out.  I also experienced shrinkage at the tips...with no top coat on so I have no idea where that came from.  And even though it chipped quickly, it was a major pain to get off - harder than chunky glitter.  

As far as color goes, it's a nice dark purple that looks blue in certain lights.  There are some holographic particles visible in the bottle, but they pretty much hide all the time on the nail, so it looks pretty flat.  

For being a part of the "designer series," I was expecting more, and a better application.  Whenever I may feel the urge to wear this again, it will be going on over a cream polish since I'm categorizing this pretty-in-the-bottle polish as a "topper."  I'm thinking either a shade of purple or blue - I might have to try different combos to see how it changes over various shades.

If you'd like to see the other DS polish I own, have worn, and love, click here to be taken to my post on it.

Do you have any of the DS polishes from OPI?  Like them, or not worth it?  What's your favorite?

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