Monday, May 20, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - Jewelry Storage (with a little review)

**all items purchased by me

It's Monday again, so that means it's Miscellaneous Monday time!  I thought that today, rather than posting about yet more accessories I've made, I thought I'd show what I got a few weeks ago to store a good portion of it all.  For a while, I thought about turning a large unused picture frame into a way to hang earrings...but then I have the problem of no free wall space in the bedroom so when I saw this unit, the light went off.
Recollections Rolling Cart with 10 Drawers
Purchased from Michael's craft store while it was on sale - I think around $35 
(but I don't have the receipt anymore)
~my camera is currently charging so I don't have a picture of it out of the box, but it looks just like the picture~

This was really easy to put together - you just needed a screwdriver for the little knobs.  The other needed tool is included.  I did not put the wheels on mine, since I knew that once I placed it I most likely would not be moving it around (turns out, if I had put the wheels on, it would have been too tall for where I've got it standing).

As far as what I'm using inside each drawer for organization...a little bit of everything.  This is where creativity came to play.  If it had divided compartments and would fit in the drawer, it was fair game to use.  I also used various sizes of cardboard jewelry boxes for sets.

For the most part, I have a different color of accessory in each drawer.  Some drawers still have room left in the organizer or space in the drawer for more organizers when needed; others are full (apparently I have a lot of blue earrings and necklaces - I did not realize that).  

I only have 2 issues.  One being I still have to use my dresser drawer, dresser top, the wall (those 3 areas just aren't as crowded now) and a couple other drawers in the built-in for jewelry.  I also have a separate stack of drawers that I bought a few years ago on top of the unit.  To fit everything, I would need a second unit (which I have no room for).  The second is that the drawers aren't quite long enough to fit the divided jewelry trays.  I ended up using one of my divided jewelry trays by cutting a row off to get it too fit.

I know of a few people who would say I clearly have way too much jewelry.  But I like my accessories.  And I like to make accessories.  At least now that everything is organized by color family, I'm able to see most of what I have and more of my collection is getting used, whereas before I kept wearing the same few things.

Organizing keeps me happily occupied, and if by organizing over and over I'm able to see more and more of my collection, then all the better.  I'll get more use out of everything.  

Do you have a large accessory collection?  What's your organization secret?  Do you want to see inside the drawers?  If you do, let me know!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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