Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gummy Green Nails


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I thought today would be a good day to share a nail polish I wore a few weeks ago.  I put off posting this since I'm still undecided on how much I like the polish - more on that later in the post...

So let's see how Hard Candy's Gummy Green looks on my nails.  This is 2 coats over a ridge-filling base coat, but I don't remember if I used any quick-dry top coat or not.
 This picture was taken in our sunroom, so indirect sunlight
 And this picture was taken either that evening or early the next afternoon under my usual lamp... 
it's already chipped
Gummy Green looks just like a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream - mint green (might be considered a jelly formula?) with matte black and silver small hex glitter.  It is packed with glitter.  It's fitting that it is in the Sprinkles line.

Now let's read about why I'm undecided on this cute polish:

The polish itself is pretty - I think this was the first polish from the new launch that I purchased.  And I put it on not long after purchasing it.  But I wasn't that happy with how this went on, and looking back at the pictures I'm really not impressed with how it applied.  It was not easy to work with, and various nails are looking streaky while others aren't.  One of these days when I'm feeling patient I'll have to try it again as it is...otherwise, this either needs to be thinned some or used as 1 coat over a base color.  Lasting time, unfortunately, is pretty bad.  It chipped later the same day that I put it on.  I'm used to polish not lasting days and days on me, but this was ridiculous how quickly it chipped.

I knew as soon as I started doing the clean-up around the cuticles that this polish would be a pain to take off - I'm talking glitter everywhere even just sharpening up the line around the cuticle.  I was right - when I took the polish off the next day, there was glitter everywhere!  I had to use acetone a couple times all over my fingers - not just the nails - to get the glitter to "let go" of my skin and then I had to break out the nail brush for all over, then after I put the brush down I had to spend a few minutes really working with the soap to finally get the sparkles rinsed down the drain.  By the time I got done with that, my skin was not happy.

I did get another polish around the same time from Hard Candy's Sprinkles line and I'm hoping it goes better than Gummy Green did.  Fingers crossed...

Hard Candy is available exclusively at Walmart and  Polishes retail for around $4.

Did you get any of Hard Candy's "Sprinkles" polishes?  How do you like them?

**all products purchased by me
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