Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Restarting the Effort...


I can't believe how fast today went by.  I was, surprise(!), busy going through boxes seeing if anything could be gotten rid of.  And I found more stuff, so now I need to make a trip to the recycling drop since I cleaned out boxes full of old papers.  And I still need to make that second trip to Goodwill.

Anyway, today is Wednesday, so that means that it should be a Workout Wednesday update (it's been quite a while since I've done an update).
I don't have much of a good update unfortunately.  I enjoyed eating too much since my last post on the subject so I'm basically starting over again from my mid-January weigh in.  Bummer.  I clearly need to cut back on the sweets and portion sizes again.

So what have I been doing to be active?  Moving boxes from room to room and to different floors in the house (or out the door to the car).  I am trying to remember to do leg lifts and/or half-squats while I'm either brushing my teeth or ironing each night.  I really need to try harder to be more consistent with actual workouts.

To get back on track, now is as good of a time as any to re-focus on workouts and eating less.  I've got loads of exercise DVDs (and there's always YouTube) and various fitness gadgets and gear to keep me busy for a long, long time.  Plus the treadmill and weight torture device...I mean machine...  And now that I think it might actually be Spring, I could be lacing up the shoes and going for walks through the neighborhood or trying to get the garden under control from clean up that didn't happen last year and all the weeds that are already taking over.

What's your favorite type of workout?  Any recommendations?

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