Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where Did Today Go?!


It's the end of yet another day.  Make that it's the end of a rather unproductive day for things I could have done at home.  I've managed to spend all day chauffeuring my mom where she needed to be.  I even cooked her dinner for her (at least I got to eat what I cooked for her).  And now I'm left with little time for me.  I really need to figure out a better schedule to get her where she needs to be as well as get things done I want to do.

My mind is pretty much done for the day - it's very mentally tiring to keep an adult entertained and busy for all day when games, movies, TV, etc. are pretty much pointless since said adult can't see well enough for almost any activity.  Sigh. 
On a related to nails note, I am literally too tired to do a polish change on my chipped nails so I made a creation to get another day of wear out of it.  If you've ever wondered what a PixieDust would look like over a Liquid Sand, I can show you (I'll do my best to get pictures before I go into cleaning mode again).  I made a new color. :-)
Tomorrow I'll only be busy outside the house for a couple hours (rather than the 13 hours of today) so hopefully my post will be more appropriate/inspiring/related to beauty.
Any suggestions for entertaining an adult with no good vision (and she does not like audio books)??

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