Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Hot Rocks Polish Collection


**all items purchased by me

I needed to kill some time earlier so I went to Rite Aid to see if the Gumdrop collection from Julie G was there yet - it wasn't.  But I did find a different newly released collection!  I found the Hot Rocks glitter collection from Wet 'n Wild's FastDry line.  They retail for $1.99 each (but I got a discount using my Rite Aid card).

Time for lots of pictures!

18K Gold, Rocking Rubies, Emerald the Crown Jewel, 
Caught on Sapphire, Penny for Your Thoughts, Quartz of Course

Swatch time!  All are one coat:

18K Gold, Caught on Sapphire, Rocking Rubies, Emerald the Crown Jewel, 
Quartz of Course, Penny for Your Thoughts
  • 18K Gold (34097) has golden holographic small hex and bar glitters in a clear base (the bars are short)
  • Caught on Sapphire (34098) has sapphire blue small hex glitters in a clear base with purple-blue and pink micro-micro shimmer
  • Rocking Rubies (34099) has red small hex glitters in a clear base with micro red glitter
  • Emerald the Crown Jewel (34100) has green small hex glitters in a clear base with micro green glitter
  • Quartz of Course (34101) has royal purple small hex glitters with silver micro glitter in a clear base
  • Penny for Your Thoughts (34102) has holographic small hex glitters, tiny micro orange bar glitters (super fine) and micro-micro orange shimmer (enough to make the base look tinted, but I don't think it is)

 Have you found the Hot Rocks collection yet?  Any catch your eye as a must-have?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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  1. Thanks for posting this - the swatches and descriptions are exactly what I needed!

    1. You're welcome. Happy I was able to provide the info you wanted! :-)