Friday, April 19, 2013

PixieDust in Zoya Nyx


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I thought that I would share a recent mani today, and since I was talking so much about textured polishes I thought it would be a good idea to share a textured polish.  As of the time of writing this post, I have 10 textured polishes in my immediate possession (and the Julie G Gumdrops set - this was on my list of exceptions from the restricted buy - on it's way to me from the recent Groupon deal).  I haven't shared all of the textures yet, so I decided for today it's PixieDust time!

Despite Zoya's advice to not use a base coat, I actually had already put my ridge filler on before picking my polish.  I don't feel that doing so negatively affected the finish or wear time.

So with that said, this is 3 coats of Zoya Nyx.  Since this is a lighter color, it did need the 3rd coat to make it nicely opaque.
This picture is showing a bit darker than it is in real life.
Nyx is a gorgeous light blue with pretty silver sparkle mixed nicely throughout.  So eye-catching.  

As much as I love how OPI's Liquid Sand polishes look, there's something about Zoya's PixieDust polishes that makes me love them just a bit more than the OPI's.  Maybe because it looks more delicate...maybe it's because the texture is all the same across the nail (unlike some of OPI's with larger chunks of glitter mixed in,  which I do like - I just have to be in the mood for that feeling).
Just look at that sparkle on the slightly blurry pinkie nail!

If I had to pick a favorite color from the first release of the PixieDust collection, I'd say my number 1 favorite is Chyna.  Probably next would by Nyx and Vespa tied for second.  Note to self: I need to get on the ball with sharing nail posts again.  I've worn nearly all my textured polishes (at least once), but have only shared a few.  Oops.

Description of Zoya Nail Polish in Nyx

Zoya Nail Polish in Nyx can be best described as a perfect periwinkle with a sugared sparkle, in the exclusive Zoya PixieDust Matte Sparkle formula.

Color Family Blue

Color Finish PixieDust

Color Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer - 5=Opaque )

Color Tone Cool, Neutral

IMPORTANT PixieDust Application:

Do not use a base coat or top coat.
Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish.
Allow product to dry completely in between layers.
Did you get any of the PixieDusts from the first release?  How about the second/summer collection?  Do you prefer the look of Zoya or OPI (or maybe another brand)?

**all items purchased by me
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  1. I have never tried any of these new textured polishes yet, this looks really pretty tho !!!

    1. There's so many brands coming out with textures now. You should try at least one to see if you like it on or not. If not, add a couple layers of topcoat and you've got another look. :-)