Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nice is Nice with Nail Look


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I've got a mani post today!  This is actually what was on my nails for Easter last month.  Originally I was going to do a glitter gradient, but my glitter polish of choice was not cooperating for that so...glitter all the way.

Over a ridge filling base coat, I put 2 thicker coats of Essie Nice is Nice.  For my topcoat, I believe I used Out the Door since I knew I was going to be using an OPI polish for my glitter (and on my nails, OPI and China Glaze Fast Forward do not get along).
Essie's Nice is Nice is a pretty lilac purple, but I found that I had to use thicker coats than what I normally do.  I also noticed that at 2 coats it was still a bit uneven, but I was planning on adding glitter and figured that by the time I was done with the glitter and more topcoat, it wouldn't be noticeable.  If I were to wear this by itself, I would probably go for 3 coats.  This polish came out in the Spring 2011 collection.

Once that was all nice and dry, I started adding a glitter gradient with OPI's but it was not working out at all - to much clear base was getting on my nails and not enough glitter.  So I decided to just coat all my nails with  This is probably one coat plus extra glitter dabbed on when needed, then followed up with another coat of Out the Door. is from OPI's 2013 Euro Centrale collection.  I love the mix of glitters - teal, violet purple and magenta hex glitters along with micro glitter in violet purple.  So pretty! Unfortunately, I did have some troubles with the clear base, as in there's a lot of it and the glitter had some difficulties in coming out and getting on my nails.  I wonder if a few drops of thinner would help this out.... anyway, it looked pretty this way; it just wasn't what I had planned on.
 There was actually sun coming through the window when I was taking pictures!! is a recent release from OPI, so you may still be able to find it either in stores or on the Internet.  Nice is Nice is available for purchase on the Internet (it's also listed on Essie's website, so I'm not sure if that means it's a core color now or not).

What would you layer OPI's over?  Does this combo scream "Spring!!" to you?

**all items purchased by me
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