Monday, April 8, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - Still Spring Cleaning


It's time for Miscellaneous Monday again!  Nothing super interesting today since I've kept myself busy enough that I've barely had time to do anything on the computer or complete existing projects.

If you're curious as to what I've been up to, I've still been cleaning and sorting out things - and a good portion of this "first wave" is currently sitting in the back of my car to be dropped off tomorrow and the clothes I pulled out got sent on their way yesterday to a women's center for ladies trying to get back into the professional market but can't afford brand new clothes.  I also had to make a quick trip to the recycling drop off again for cardboard - it's never ending.  I just really wish that the Mister would give me credit for getting rid of as much as I have...he just says "good, now get rid of more."  Grrr.

I've cleaned, sorted, and put away enough that I'm exhausted and things are hurting from being in wrong positions for too long.  I feel old.  But there's always more to do.  I did decide to give myself a break since the car's full so I finally did my nails tonight.  They've been bare since either Thursday or Friday night.  We'll just say I was giving my nails a break.  I'm hoping that I'll be getting back to a more regular posting schedule again - I always feel like a bad blogger when I don't get a post up each day...

Have you finished your "spring cleaning" or do you work on it all year?  How do you decide when to let something go?

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