Monday, April 29, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - Green, Teal & Clear Accented Necklaces


**all items purchased by me

No matter how much I didn't want it to be Monday today, it it's time for Miscellaneous Monday.  I've got the last of the necklaces I made in 2012.  I feel like I'm always behind, but that's okay.

I've got 3 necklaces to share and I'm so ready to start wearing them.  Wasn't much point in wearing them during the winter since I was pretty much always bundled up.
Bronze and teal necklace.  I think I got all the supplies from Walmart, but it was at least a year ago.  I ended up making a transition between 2 different sizes of chain since I wanted to use up supplies I had and neither chain was long enough.  My solution was to put together a series of beads for that transition - it looks more purposeful.
Next is a concentric circle pendant (from Walmart last year) on a gunmetal chain with green accents.  Where the green drop is in the center of the pendant was actually 2 other charms that I did not like at all so I took them out and added in the see-through light green drop and then put a couple of green beads together to make an accent for the end of the chain.
And the last necklace is a simple gunmetal flower(?) accented with clear sparkles.  I really like the chain for this one.  If I remember right, it might be called a twisted chain.  I put a simple clear bead for the end of the necklace.  This one is probably one of the longest necklaces I've made.

That's it for 2012 jewelry projects.  Now it will be time for what I've made this year, which hasn't been much yet.  I haven't been feeling creative, nor have I had the time to do much - I've been too busy sorting through things to clear out what hasn't been used or I don't like anymore and also doing sewing repairs on clothing.

I've also decided that I'm not that fond of how I have my necklaces stored anymore.  It worked fine when I didn't have so many, but since I put up my hangers, I've bought a lot more necklaces as well as made a bunch.  Now I can't see what's what so I'm brainstorming on how to change up accessory storage.  Maybe get one of those Sterlite drawer units and categorize by metal finish or put all the green items in one drawer, blue in another, etc... That would result in a lot of drawers, unless I just did it for colors I don't have as much of and leave silver and gunmetal items as they are.

Do you organize your accessories by type and color, or are they all in one spot?

**all items purchased by me
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