Thursday, April 18, 2013

Drugstore Wish List


It's Thursday night and I'm so warm inside the house that my brain isn't functioning to think of a topic.  So I thought I would do a little round-up of posts of some new limited edition things that are on my "wanna buy now" list.

First up, is the Milani Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez collection.  I saw this posted on Instagram and I believe the same day, Nouveau Cheap did a post about it (you can see that post here).  I love the Shadow Eyez pencils.  I just wish this wasn't going to be limited edition, and I also wish it wasn't going to be at "select Walgreens" since the ones I go to the most don't carry Milani at all.

Next up is the L.A. Girl Sand Blast Textured nail polish collection.  Once again, my info is from Nouveau Cheap (love her & her blog) I am loving the textured polish trend, plus it's like 2 polishes in one!  This collection looks like it might have different colors from what OPI and Zoya have released so far (or that I've bought from those 2 so far).  I've already bought the few 3D effects Hologram polish that I wanted (also mentioned in that same post)- I'll have a haul coming up soon of which I bought.  I'll be waiting for Rite Aid to get the Sand Blast polishes in so I can see them in person.

Just in today, on Nouveau Cheap's blog, there is news of yet another new collection from Sinful Colors.  More glitters!  My favorite (as if I need any more glitter).  These ones cost a bit more for some reason, but I'll still probably get them if I see them.

Another makeup thing I'm looking out for is from Wet 'n Wild.  There's 2 sets of eyeshadow medleys from the ColorIcon line.  You can see swatches of the shadows here on the Project Swatch blog.

Next thing I've got on my list is the Nicole by OPI Gum Drops collection (depending on if they are the same or similar to textured polishes I already have).  The swatches I've linked to are on Deuce Beauties' blog.  There's one in particular that looks unique to what's out there already, so that one for sure is coming home with me if/when I find it.

And finally, a collection from Orly.  The MegaPixel FX collection (depending on the price and similarity to others).  If Since these are priced higher like the glitter FX ones were last year, I'm hesitating on purchasing them - maybe if I find them on clearance.  ~~Edit~~I found swatches here and I'm kind of on the fence about them now; the colors are nice but the texture is lacking.

I think that's quite a list of "wants" for right now.  Most likely, I won't be getting everything.  Some things, I may never find - the Milani Shadow Eyez for instance (I never did see Milani's textured polishes in person).  Orly's MegaPixel collection may be to pricey for me (or picked over by now).  The Nicole by OPI Gum Drops might be too similarly colored to textured polishes I already have.

Do you have anything on your wanted list?  Is it limited edition or available all the time?

I'm off to go find an empty nail wheel and swatch all my textured polishes like I did with my magnetics.  I'll be able to take it with me and see how similar the ones on my list are to ones I have already.

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