Saturday, April 20, 2013

Collective Walmart Haul from March!


**all items purchased by me

It's Saturday evening and I'm having a hard time keeping myself sitting in front of the computer.  Random thoughts of "oh, I should go do that" and "oh, I need to do that" keep popping into my head and off I go.  Ever have a day like that?

Anyway, I thought today I'd share a collective haul of what I bought at Walmart throughout the month of March.  Most of what I'm showing today was bought one item per trip (except for a couple things at the end).  Let's get started!

I bought this Pure Ice polish.  It's supposed to be a dupe of Butter London's Black Knight.
Pure Ice Private Show

On a couple different trips I bought these 2 polishes from the new Hard Candy polish line.  These 2 are both from the Sprinkles line.
 Gummy Green and Pixie Pink

Of course, here's my replacement bottle of Neutrogena Body Clear body wash.  Can't be without it.

And for this final picture, I bought the Hard Candy polish in one trip then the bracelet and Neutrogena toner in another trip.
clearance bracelet, Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and Hard Candy polish in Black Tie Optional
~~if you get this toner, check your bottle! Mine leaks from the bottom so I have to store it upside down~~
I had a heck of a time tracking this one down - the usual location I go to was sold out; I went to a different store and the display wasn't filled yet; came back to that second store a couple days later and finally found it hiding behind something else.  But it is well worth the hunt!  Love the look of this one!

At some point during March, I also bought another tee shirt, thinking it was a coral.  But when I got it home, it looked a bit more orange than coral.  Stupid store lighting.  And clearly, I make way too many trips to Walmart.

Have you had any good finds at Walmart lately?  Do you have a favorite polish from Hard Candy's new collection?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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