Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spotted & Hauled: Zoya PixieDust Collection!


**all items purchased by me

Today I've got my Spotted & Hauled post for the current Zoya PixieDust release!  I got these from the local beauty supply store that stocks Zoya (and it was a much better price than ordering them online from Zoya's website).  The only thing with buying collections from this store is that the displays are all on the checkout counter and at least one person is always hovering there so...no display pictures.

I bought 4 of these first, then after wearing one and falling in love, I turned around and went back and got the other 2 to complete the collection.  So let's see the first "batch" of these that I bought:
 NYX, Godiva and Vespa (above) and Dahlia (below)

And I went back and got the other 2 about a week later:
Chyna and London

Aren't they all so pretty?! I tried to convince myself that I could make a similar on the nail look (but not texture) to Chyna by using a matte topcoat on top of Red Carpet from Sally Hansen...but then I decided I wanted the entire collection so there went that thought.  I sometimes wonder if I have OCD tendencies since when collections come out, I'm highly inclined to get the entire collection if the majority of it appeals to me.  I have the feeling that I'll also be purchasing all of the Summer release as well (when I see it in the store).

From Zoya's website "Infused with magic and wonder! The latest "must-have" nail polish finish - textured, matte and sparkling! This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this enchanting look."

Did you get any of Zoya's PixieDusts from this release?  Do you want any from the next batch?  If you want to see any of these on the nails soon, let me know!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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