Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spotted & Hauled - Wet 'n Wild Spring Forward Eyeshadow Collection!


**all items purchased by me

Remember a few weeks ago when there was news about 2 new Wet n Wild 8-pan eyeshadow palettes being released?  Well, after some searching at the various drugstores since the news broke, I finally found them!  I haven't seen them at Walgreens, Rite Aid or CVS yet - I got mine from Discount DrugMart (and promptly got their annoying theme song from the commercials stuck in my head again).

There's 4 of each in the display.

 Nude Awakening:
 On the left column, the crease color looks to be a warm matte brown - the rest all have some sort of shimmer

Going in the Wild:
The bottom right shade (definer) is, what I think, a unique color.  It's dark - maybe black - with green shimmer to it.

After I got done taking pictures, I held them up to the other 8-pan palettes I have from Wet 'n Wild (both core and limited edition) as well as the Downtown Browns I have from Black Radiance.  I didn't notice any that jumped out as repeat colors.  I haven't taken the time yet to compare these to the various trios or the discontinued 6-pans, but as far as I can tell and going on memory, these all look to be new shades. 

If you see these in stores, I'd suggest snapping either one or both up since they are limited edition.  As with the other 8-pans from Wet 'n Wild, these are $4.99 each.  I can't wait to start playing around with these! I might even consider getting another of the Nude Awakening palette as a backup.

**EDIT - This mini collection has been re-released under the name Rhapsody in Bloom!  I spotted it at Rite Aid earlier this month (July)!!

And now that I have these in my possession, I came across this post from Project Swatch and now have 2 more in a different configuration to be on the lookout for at Walgreens.  It's never ending!  But so fun to hunt down!

Have you found either of these yet?  Does one draw your eye more than the other?  Let me know!

**all items purchased by me
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