Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spotted & Hauled - OPI Oz: The Great and Powerful Collection!


**all items purchased by me

I've got my other Spring release polish haul to share (also purchased from the beauty supply I get my Zoyas at)!  This one is the OPI Oz: The Great and Powerful collection.  This collection is being released as the yearly Soft Shades collection for 2013.  I managed to practice a lot more restraint with this release than I did with the Zoya PixieDust release.  lol

The collection is made up of 7 polishes total - I got 3 total (after 3 different trips).  The sheer colors didn't interest me, and once I saw the rumors and then the reviews of the amazing looking gold glitter being curled, I passed on that one as well.

The first polish I picked up is:
 Lights of Emerald City
~white square (slightly deformed squares that is) glitter with iridescent squares in a clear base~~

Then I picked up on a second trip (which I justified this trip as I needed a regular sized bottle of Out the Door since my mini is getting low):
What Wizardry is This?
~~new Liquid Sand shade! that's dark brown with gold shimmer~~

And on the last trip, I brought home:
Which is Witch?
~~clear base with tiny little bar glitters and hex glitters that are all holographic~~

Which is Witch? is a polish that I went back and forth on getting.  At first, I thought I could get a similar look using polishes I have in the stash already, but then the more I saw swatches of it, the more I wanted the original.

If "When Monkeys Fly!" didn't have the curling glitter issue, that one would have come home as well, but since I can't stand when glitter doesn't lay down well, I passed.  If you're curious, when I use a star glitter polish after pictures I tend to take a pair of clippers and nip any of the points that are bugging me.  At least OPI did later address the issue via their Facebook page for those unhappy with their purchase of When Monkeys Fly.

Did you get any of the Oz inspired polishes?  What colors would you pair under the glitter polishes?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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