Friday, March 1, 2013

Project "Finish This Stuff," part 17 - Feb. '13


I can't believe February is over already!  I literally have no idea where the entire month went.  What I do know is that I managed to get a few more things finished and a few more things moved into the "Trashed But Not Finished" category and that is what today's post is going to be about.  As always, mini reviews of each item are included.

While I do wish that I had managed to finish more things, I am still happy to say that I made progress.  Maybe if I'd gone out more (which means wearing makeup more often), I might have had a few more things.  Oh well; more for next time.

So let's see what all I did manage to finish during the short month of February:
Crystal Waters Spa Body Lotion in Pomegranate: bought from Dollar Tree.  It didn't smell nearly as bad as the shower gel I finished last month - it almost smelled like a real pomegranate.  But the moisture it provided didn't last long at all.  Won't repurchase.
Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Shell sample: the Mister hates the way this looks on (says it looks like paint).  This is the second sample I had (I had received 2 at the same time - finished the other in December).  Won't purchase.
Equate Acetone Nourishing Nail Polish Remover: bought from Walmart.  Nothing impressive with this remover.  Won't repurchase - I've replaced it with the Zoya Remove + I showed in a previous haul.
Twist Lock Plastic Pump: bought from Sally's Beauty Supply.  I got it so I could dispense the remover (I used the Equate Nourishing listed above) more easily.  The pump unfortunately didn't work so it's going in the trash.  Won't repurchase and would not recommend this particular item.
Studio 35 Polish Remvoer Salon Formula Non-Acetone: bought on clearance from Walgreens quite a while ago.  This is so full of glitter and dark polish that trying to use it now is pointless - your fingers come out covered in old glitter.  Also, the sponge has been ripped to shreds by the glitter so little bits of sponge also come out stuck to the skin.  It was kind of nice to just stick each finger in and let the remover do its work while I did something else, but I think I prefer using regular acetone or the Zoya Remove + on a cotton pad for removal and cleanup.  Won't repurchase (this or this concept of remover).

And now let's take a look at what's in the "Trashed, But Not Finished" category:
Vitamin C and Vitamin E creams: they both got lost in my huge stash and have actually evaporated over time.  I didn't open them to see what they smell like, but I'm sure it wouldn't be pleasant.  Won't purchase.  I've found other skin care stuff I like better.

Wet 'n Wild MegaLength mascara:  came in a kit with other Wet' n Wild makeup.  Not the best, won't repurchase.  I had 2 of these particular ones - I finished the other in December.  This was the last sample-sized mascara I had, but I still have lots more full size tubes to keep me occupied.
Physicians' Formula green corrector stick: I used to use it when I was going somewhere that I really wanted the acne hidden.  But over time, it's been forgotten about - especially since I don't correct anymore for redness.  This has also gone bad - if you look at the below picture, you can sort-of see that there are beads of something that have collected on the surface; the smell has also changed.  Yuck.  Won't repurchase.
Maybelline eyeshadow palette in Urban Blues:  bought this so long ago.  It used to be about the only eye shadow I had, and I used a few of the colors quite a lot.  But the compact itself is broken in several places (hinges, "clear" window, down the side...) so I've decided it's time for it to go.  I also swatched all the shadows and the pigmentation is definitely lacking.  Won't repurchase.
Should I add another category?  Fire hazard!!  Last time I used it (a few years ago...I know, I should have pitched it then), there was a bit of smoke coming out of the back.  Maybe I was holding on to it since it's my first hair dryer - had it since I was a young teenager and my mom got it for me.  Time to let it go...and some random packaging that was in the storage box with it.
Helen of Troy Wonder Wind 1800 watt dryer - besides the fire hazard, the cool shot button is broken
I'll actually be cutting the cord off this so it will be completely unusable (just in case) that I've got it all typed out, everything that is leaving are things that I won't be purchasing again. Not one thing I liked enough to get again.  But that's ok.  That means that I am definitely learning what I like and don't like and what works for me.  It's also showing me that I am a bit wasteful since I buy things and forget about them.  New goal: stop forgetting about new products!

As of right now, I think that I've cleaned out all of the oldest beauty items that are well past their prime, so this might be that last post that is talking about the "Trashed But Not Finished" for a while.  But I've still got plenty more beauty products that need used up so the Project "Finish This Stuff" is still going strong, just a little more slowly right now.  I also think I'm coming to the end of sorting through my makeup stash and weeding out things I don't like, as well as the polish stash for dupes so a post regarding that should be coming some time this month (it might be a couple since I pulled a lot out).

Have you finished anything lately?  Did you like it or are you happy it's gone so you can move on to something you like better?

**all items purchased by me (or in the case of the ancient blow dryer, by my mom for me)
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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