Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Project "Finish This Stuff" - Makeup I Can't Wait Till It's Finished


Do you ever come across certain products in your beauty stash and just wish they were gone?  I know I've got a few products that fall into that category, so I thought that I would share which ones they are so it's time for another edition of Project "Finish This Stuff."  Nothing finished, just stuff I'm purposefully working on.

I've listed little reviews of each product and why I'm ready for it to be done.
L'Oreal True Match foundation in Alabaster C1 - the color is pretty much a dead-on match, the coverage is nice, BUT the staying power is definitely lacking/missing.  It does not hold up to my combo/oily skin and oil-control primers only help to a degree.  Also, this is my oldest foundation, so it needs to be finished.  I did not pay full price for this foundation - it was $3 on clearance at Family Dollar a few years ago (before I started my blog).  I have no idea how much is left in the bottle, but I'd say somewhere around the half way mark, maybe less.
L'Oreal True Match powder in Alabaster C1 - even though it's the same shade as the liquid foundation, the powder actually looks too pink on the skin, doesn't do much for me as far as controlling shininess.  The packaging broke even though I hadn't had it that long when it happened.
Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation in Porcelain Ivory Light 1- once again, the color is pretty much a perfect match, but this stuff never completely sets and it moves/transfers so easily.  Just one accidental touch and the foundation has moved & left a bare spot.  It's also a little crumbly during application.
Neutrogena concealer in 05 Fair - discontinued - just ready for it to be done so I can move on, all though I'll still have the container since there's a super-fine setting powder in the bottom.  This was a Big Lots find, so I didn't pay much for it.
Styli-Style Line & Seal 24 hr. pencil  in Black Velvet- does not last at all on the waterline so I'm not sure where the "seal" claim comes from.  I must sharpen it before every use since the point dulls very quickly; the product has been loose inside the pencil from day 1.  It doesn't apply easily onto the upper lash line - I have to go over and over the line to get it to be black - and even then, it's not truly black.  Can you tell I don't like it?  Fortunately, I only paid $1 at Big Lots.  I still see this brand at Rite Aid, but I am not even tempted to try anything.  I've used a couple inches of the product, but there's still more than half to go.
Cover Girl powder in 525 Buff Beige - the color is a little too dark and yellow on me, but it does help control oil.  I might try this again in the lightest shade (and keep my receipt just in case).  I haven't hit pan on it, but I can start to see the ridges of the metal pan in the center of the powder.

While I won't throw anything away since nothing has gone bad, and the products aren't bad themselves, I will definitely be happy when all these items are used up and out of the stash since they just don't work for me.

Do you have any thing that you are beyond ready to see finished?  Do any of my items work for you? and if so, any tips on getting it to work better for me?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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