Monday, March 18, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - Time for Spring Cleaning


It's time for a Miscellaneous Monday post so I thought I would do a little post about Spring cleaning since it is that time of the year. 

For some reason the Mister turned on the show "Hoarders" the other night and has been on a kick about going through and getting rid of things that we don't use or don't have an upcoming use for.  I really wish he hadn't turned that show on since it always puts him in a bad/horrible mood for a few days after seeing it.  So since then I've been sorting through various stashes around the house in an effort to keep him calm.

How am I doing on the cleaning out?  Pretty good if I do say so myself.  I've managed to get rid of a shopping bag full of plastic deli containers.  I've thrown out expired over-the-counter medications.  I've pulled out extra, unused kitchen utensils and cookbooks.  There's also a few kitchen appliances in the go-pile.  I've got a few more things in mind to sort through and either trash/recycle or donate for this round of cleaning out.  I really should tackle my closet at some point....but other than pulling out bottoms that are too big, I'm fairly content with it (other than the horrible layout).  I'll be donating what I can.

I know that I have a hard time letting go of things that I think could have a use in the future (and the Mister did finally acknowledge that he realizes I have that issue).  I am working on getting past that "quirk" of mine...I just know that it will take time and if I get pushed to hard, I resist the process.

I have to be careful about who I mention the fact that I'm going through things to get rid of to - while the Mister is all for getting rid of as much as possible, even just mentioning the fact that I'm going through things to get rid of essentially comes off as offensive to my dad (even though it's none of his business - just making conversation - and everything that is going are things that we've (not he) bought.

Have you undertaken any Spring cleaning ventures recently?  How's it going?

By the way...I would have tried to put in a "cleaning out" picture but I'm writing this on my new toy (it's a Surface Pro) and I haven't really figured out copy/paste or how to do a right click...

**all opinions my own

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