Monday, March 4, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - Behind the Scenes with a Little DIY


Did you ever have one of those busy weekends where you end up so tired that on Monday, you can't figure out what to do?  Yea, that's me right now.  Not to mention I have the new title of "official Mom chauffeur" since she's still having sight issues.  In fact, the writing of this post has been interrupted by the need of my services.

An idea for the topic of Miscellaneous Monday just popped into my head - and it's inspired by another blogger - the PolishAholic - who has been doing some "behind the scenes" posts on her setup and how she does things.  So I think I'll do something similar.

Let's see what my little setup looks like for where I take my nail pictures, shall we?  Nothing impressive I have to admit, but it normally does work for me.  Some polishes I have a hard time getting 100% color correct (I'm thinking of the last mani that I had on - haven't shared it yet).
This is just an old scrap of "black" foam core - looks more charcoal to me, but whatever.  All I did was take my scrap of foam core and score it - don't go through all the layers - then bend it and set it in place.  It meets my needs pretty well.  My lamp is balanced on the table over top.  As you can see, I work in a pretty small space for getting pictures; clearly I am in need of cleaning/organizing/purging/reorganizing.
My light bulb is nothing more than a CFL inside of a cheap adjustable desk lamp - probably from Walmart.  
If I need more light, then I plug in the lighting I took from the Mister, which is just a shop-light from Lowe's/Home Depot mounted on a tripod.  I'm not sure what kind of light bulb it is; all I know is my hands get hot when they are in front of it.

I also use the occasional sheet of white printer paper to help get bottle shots more accurate for the Sunday Stash Sharing posts, as well as one of those long multi-strength nail filing block things as a riser for 2 rows of polishes.  Since I normally do my nails and take pictures in the late evening or at night, I rarely have any actual sunlight shots.  For my camera...all I use is my Verizon Droid, set on Macro - the Mister did get me an actual macro lens that I use occasionally.  For editing, I use PhotoScape (free!!).

Other backgrounds that you've seen include:

  • Hauls get their pictures taken on a light blue blanket on the bed (lighting may or may not need adjusted)
  • When I have jewelry to share for Misc. Monday, those are on a white washcloth or towel with all kinds of lighting courtesy of the bathroom (some of the lights are enough to temporarily blind you)
  • Project finishes are done on the bathroom floor
  • in the past, I've used the ironing board cover and my mouse pad, but not anymore

Eventually I do want to make a white background out of foam core to use (instead of the piece of paper) for when I need a nice crisp white background - I even have the foam core board, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

And that's all my "secrets."

Do you have any behind the scenes tips you'd like to share?

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