Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Stash Sharing - Hard Candy Polishes


I'm finally feeling quite a bit better, still drained, but otherwise not too bad.  Yay!  Just in time for a Sunday Stash Share.  I figured I should do my little collection of Hard Candy polishes since this line is on the chopping block for Hard Candy, so if you see something you want, hopefully it will still be in stock at Walmart, since it's supposed to be redone soon.

First portion of the entire collection (these are...were...the core line of polishes as of the end of 2012):
 And miscellaneous polishes from Holiday releases and a mystery:

And now for some little bit closer pictures and names:
321 Beetle, 049 Frenzy, 309 Zombie, 320 Mushroom, 322 Sky
~~Beetle is a duochrome and Zombie is a glitter~~
044 The End, 047 Splendid, 307 Mischief, 323 Fabuluxe (warning: it's on my toes), 308 Wicked
~~Mischief, Fabuluxe and Wicked are all glitters, but can be opaque at 2 coats~~

I also have the Matte top coat, but it's hiding from me right now... it's also a victim of being discontinued with all the others.

Mystery polishes:
gold glitters, 0185 - orange shimmer, green sparkles
silver chunky glitters, purple shimmer, blue sparkles, purple glittery shimmer
~~even though the 2 purples look the same, the taller one (purple glittery shimmer) is different from the purple shimmer~~

I did have a few more, but they are currently in the de-stashing bag since they are pretty much the same colors as what's above.  Eventually, I'll get around to doing that post...or a few posts for the de-stashing...once I'm sure on everything.

For the polishes that have made it on the blog already, I've put links...but they are old so I might have to redo them since my skills for both polishing and taking & editing pictures have quite improved.

Let me know if you would like to see any of these on the nails soon!  Are you looking forward to what comes out in the new Hard Candy release?  It should be coming soon!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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