Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spotted - Maybelline Spring 2013 Color Goes Electric


I've got a Spotted post today for new Maybelline goodies!  So far, I've seen 2 displays for this collection, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's more that hasn't shown up yet.  I spotted these at Walgreens - one location had the large collection and another Walgreens just had the polish display.  I didn't get any close up pictures of the polishes, liners or lipsticks since the polishes look like I might have matches in other brands, the liners look like core colors (but 3/4 claim to be l.e.) and I haven't even tried the Vivids line...and I've got so many lip products now that I don't wear as it is.
  • 4 MasterDrama liners:  
    • The first 3 (Purple Punch, Stormy Navy, Midnight Spark) say limited edition; the last one (Midnight Master) is permanent  - I wonder how different the "l.e." ones are from the permanents in those shades
  • 2 limited edition shades of polish:
    • Alluring Rose and Precious Plum 
  • 4 limited edition shades of Vivids lipsticks:
    • Electric Fuchsia, Pop of Cherry, Orange Edge, Infra-Red 
  • 4 limited edition EyeStudio palettes - listed below
  • 3 limited edition blushes - listed below
 Wild Blossom, Coral Burst and Golden Fuse blushes
I cannot imagine that Coral Burst looking that nice on me - too warm & bright of a color for my cool, fair skin
Violet Volt (top left), Natural Shock (top right),
Striking Blue (bottom left), Electric Emerald (bottom right)
I think that Violet Sky (if that light purple is pigmented) would look gorgeous with my blue eyes and the Natural Shock looks nice as well.
 The 2 on the bottom look like colors I already have, so those will be skipped for sure.

The nail polish display was at a different Walgreens:

Orange Extreme, Shock Wave
Coral Glow, Lustrous Lime
Intense Teal, Mesmerizing Magenta
Flash of Purple, Blast of Blue

All 8 of the polishes from this display have a fine shimmer to them.  I'm not sure I'll get any of the polishes, but if I do, I'd pick Intense Teal and Blast of Blue.  The rest are a bit too neon for me - and Flash of Purple looks similar to ones I already have.  I'll have to look at the 2 in the large collection display again to see if they have that shimmer running through and if they appeal to me.

I haven't bought anything...yet.  But I do have picked out which products I want - 2 of the blushes and only 2 of the eyeshadows.  I'm waiting until these go on sale since they EyeStudio eyeshadow line is almost $10 at Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS.  I have no idea how much the blushes are... Doesn't it drive you crazy how not everything is priced at drugstores on the limited edition displays?  The polishes I'm not sure I'll get any of, but I did pick 2 that I would consider.

Anything you have your eye on?  Have you tried the Vivids line?  Do you like them? Good staying power?

**all opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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