Monday, February 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Simple Necklaces


I've returned to my homemade jewelry collection for today's Miscellaneous Monday post.  I've got just a couple of very simple necklaces that I made.

The first is a very simple necklace - a reverse painted glass stone with what looks like cherry blossoms put onto a braided leather-look "chain" (please excuse my lack of correct terms...I'm very much in an unfocused daze as I type this).  I got the "chain" at Walmart for I believe $1 last year.  The glass stone might have also been a Walmart clearance find last year.  I did have to un-clamp one end of the fastener in order to get the braid fed through the glass loop and then re-clamped it.  All done; it probably took 5 minutes, if that.

Bow Time!  I'm still really liking bow-themed accessories; I've got quite a few necklaces (both store bought and home made), rings and earrings all with various sizes, shapes and colors of bows.  This particular one is gunmetal with black stone bow and is also suspended on a Walmart find - a mixed textile ribbon necklace made with cording and sheer ribbon that has a metallic silver thread going through (it came in a 2-pack for $1).  The end of chain decoration is a black stone embellishment that (last I checked) could be found at both Walmart and Jo Ann Fabrics.  The bow has a metal loop attached behind the "knot" of the bow that the necklace is running through.  Another pretty easy project that took less than 5 minutes.

Any particular type of accessory that you are always drawn to?  Have you tried to make your own accessories? Or do you prefer just going to a store and picking out a piece?

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**my opinions and designs are my own
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