Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kitty's Haul for National Love Your Pet Day!

Hi again!
Apparently, I/we have really good timing for deciding to purchase new kitty toys since today is National Love Your Pet Day.  So Kitty is going to have a little haul of his new toys (or at least the ones I can find pictures of online since the packaging has already been destroyed or they came from another pet store that doesn't have a site).  Most of the toys came from Petsmart.
KONG® for Cats Denim Rings Toy - PetSmart
He is absolutely loving this toy!  It was the third one I pulled out of the bag and this is the one that he's played with the most.  I'm talking 3 out of 4 paws involved at one time play as well as hugging, rubbing and kicking it.  So cute!  We haven't had this much new-toy-luck with him in ages.
Petlinks System Flash Dance Lighted Cat Toy - PetSmart
"Petlinks System Flash Dance Lighted Cat Toy"
This one is still in the packaging, but given how much he loves to chase the laser pointer, we're pretty hopeful he'll love this one too.  It's supposed to be touch/paw activated and then blinks.
Grreat Choice™ Crinkle Balls Cat Toys - PetSmart
He got a new one of these Mylar Balls too (except I think this is the small size and he got a bigger one).  This  picture is sourced from Petsmart, but I got his at a different store (can you believe that store doesn't have a shop-able website - not even inventory is listed?!).  It's already been smacked under the cabinet all the way back against the wall so I'll have to go treasure hunting soon.  
Grreat Choice™ Sheep Skin Catnip Mouse - PetSmart
This little guy came home as well, but he's still hanging out in the bag.  We figured we'd give him a just a few new toys at a time - especially since he seems to have already developed a favorite.
Petlinks™ Tinker Tease™ Bamboo Bead Cat Toy - PetSmart
Yet another toy that is still waiting in the bag - mainly because we didn't have any scissors close at hand and this is stuck to the card with mini cable-tie things that are impossible to get off.  I thought this would be another good thing for him to chew on since he's been naughty that way the past few days.
Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick for Cats - PetSmart
I got this hoping he would get the idea to chew on it since it claims to freshen breath - he hasn't chewed on it yet...but it is quite fun for him to send flying across the floor (it goes quite far on our wood floors).  So far the play time has come from me throwing it and Kitty chasing after it to smack it all over...repeat...repeat.

I found him 2 other toys - from the other pet store with a crap website.  The first one is supposed to suction cup to almost any surface and it has a arm that sticks out a little ways with a feather & bell embellished ball.  We need to find a good place for that to (hopefully) stick to and I'm hoping he'll enjoy that toy as well.  And as for the cord that the ball is suspended from, it looks like it will be easy to replace if (I mean once) Kitty bites through it.  The other one is a little ball that you can put catnip inside and then when (if) Kitty plays with it, it has an uneven spin/wobble/roll to it.  So far with that one, he's given it one good smack and sent it to the corner and there it's stayed.

I got a couple of bunny necessities as well - nothing too fun, just chew sticks and a salt/vitamin chunk.  

After all of these new toys Kitty should be well entertained and we've hopefully got him re-stimulated enough that he won't be chewing on wires and cords like he's done the last few days.  

**all items purchased by me with my own money
**my opinions are my own .... or are these Kitty's opinions? lol
**not sponsored/affiliated

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