Thursday, February 28, 2013

Walgreens Mini Haul - Limited Edition Maybelline!


Just recently, reports of the Spring collection from Maybelline surfacing began showing up on various blogs/vlogs...and I, myself, have already done one post about it.  But today, I'm sharing the 2 things that I've bought from the collection - as well as another version of the display.  If you spy it at Walgreens this week (2/24/13-3/2/13), Maybelline products are on just might have to ask the sales associate to adjust the price to get the buy one get one 50% off (there aren't any exclusions listed on the tags...but maybe some Walgreens might be more picky with including limited edition products in the sale). Never hurts to ask.

So, let's see what this newest display looks like:
This has the polish, Vivids, glosses, blushes, EyeStudio shadows, Master Drama liners 
and at the bottom is a row of Falsies and Falsies Flared mascara.

Now let's see what came home with me:
Eyestudio shadow palette in 500 Violet Volt (around $9.50)
Baked blush in 215 Golden Flare (around $7, but got 1/2 off)
 Violet Volt - swatches
Pigmentation was actually pretty good.
I did have to go over the lighter purple shade 2 times, but it's better than other drugstore purples I have.
The darkest purple, while it swatches easily, doesn't exactly look like the pan - it looks more dark brown... 
 Golden Fuse blush - swatches
left swatch is unblended; right is blended out
very sparkley/glittery; lightly applied to the cheek, I didn't notice it (but the lighting in the room was pretty crappy so I'll have to see what it looks like in daylight/sunlight)

After the sale discount (and adding in tax), my total was a little under $14.

After seeing how sparkley the Golden Fuse blush is, I'll probably skip on the other one (Wild Blossom) that initially caught my eye.  Right now I'm also waiting on purchasing the neutral colored eyeshadow palette.  If I see them on clearance, then I might get them, but for now I'm waiting (or skipping).  But I did see swatches of one of the Vivids and it does look pretty I'm kind of thinking about getting it.  

Have you seen this collection yet?  Anything catch your eye?  Did you get it yet?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My First M.A.C Purchase!


Remember back in January in My First Mac Experience post when I said that my first Mac purchase was probably going to be a blush in Tenderling?  Well....I did purchase my first Mac is a blush...but it's not Tenderling.  I saw so many pictures and videos of the Archie's Girls collection that just came out and I kept getting drawn to the blush in Cream Soda.  So much that I decided I would go to the counter and see it in person.  The makeup artist even tried it on me - so pretty!! She loved the way it looked, I loved the way it looked, and even a random lady getting her makeup done loved it.  I decided to purchase it but...they were out...(and I think I went either in the evening of the first day it was released or the next day).  That was quite quick.  So the very helpful makeup artist said to check online - and order 2 since it's limited edition.  I checked Macy's site...out.  I checked Mac's site...out.  I managed to remember that Nordstrom also sells M.A.C cosmetics (and limited edition collections) and it was there!  Yay!!
 Yes, I purposefully got 2 of the same - I never wanna be without this color!!
I opened the box of the 2nd (but not the compact itself) just to make sure it wasn't broken, but it back in the box and stuck it in my back-up drawer where it will wait for me.
Cream Soda - satin finish
Such a pretty apricot-peachy shade with a little bit of shimmer!  Love!  I find it's nicely pigmented for my skin tone.  In the lower right corner, you can see where I swiped my finger on my inner arm (left streak) and then to the right I blended it out with my finger.  Ever since this came, this is just about the only blush I've used - I even kicked another similar blush out of my collection entirely (it sucked in comparison).  

Samples that came with my order:
Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream Youth Regenerating Cream with Rare "Resurrection Flower"
Kate Somerville Exfoliate Intensive (I'm hoping this isn't too strong for my skin; I'll have to be careful timing-wise when I go to use this, just in case I turn into red face...don't want to go out like that)
Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette (I did spray this and right after I sneezed a few times; I'm hoping that it's just a coincidence/part of an ongoing cold and not an allergy to something in the perfume)

It was a pretty nice experience ordering from Nordstrom's website for the first time.  3 free samples and free shipping (no minimum/no code necessary)?!  Call me happy since I hate paying for outrageous shipping.  The shipping didn't take too long.  Everything was wrapped in brown packing paper with some paper crunched up to provide padding.  I was a bit surprised at how huge the box was in comparison to the size of my order...Kitty can easily sit in it and he's not very small...

Did you purchase anything from Mac's Archie's Girls collection?  What's your favorite Mac product?  Any recommendations?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Simple Necklaces


I've returned to my homemade jewelry collection for today's Miscellaneous Monday post.  I've got just a couple of very simple necklaces that I made.

The first is a very simple necklace - a reverse painted glass stone with what looks like cherry blossoms put onto a braided leather-look "chain" (please excuse my lack of correct terms...I'm very much in an unfocused daze as I type this).  I got the "chain" at Walmart for I believe $1 last year.  The glass stone might have also been a Walmart clearance find last year.  I did have to un-clamp one end of the fastener in order to get the braid fed through the glass loop and then re-clamped it.  All done; it probably took 5 minutes, if that.

Bow Time!  I'm still really liking bow-themed accessories; I've got quite a few necklaces (both store bought and home made), rings and earrings all with various sizes, shapes and colors of bows.  This particular one is gunmetal with black stone bow and is also suspended on a Walmart find - a mixed textile ribbon necklace made with cording and sheer ribbon that has a metallic silver thread going through (it came in a 2-pack for $1).  The end of chain decoration is a black stone embellishment that (last I checked) could be found at both Walmart and Jo Ann Fabrics.  The bow has a metal loop attached behind the "knot" of the bow that the necklace is running through.  Another pretty easy project that took less than 5 minutes.

Any particular type of accessory that you are always drawn to?  Have you tried to make your own accessories? Or do you prefer just going to a store and picking out a piece?

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stash Sharing - Finger Paints & Sally's Girl Polishes


Can you believe it's the last Sunday of February already?!  I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by.  Both the Mister and I think that today feels like a Saturday for some reason...wouldn't it be nice if there was one more day to this weekend?  Anyway....back to the polishes.  I decided to do a little grouping of polish brands that I can only get from Sally's Beauty Supply - and I only have a few from each brand.

First up is Finger Paints:
Grape Gumball, Santa's Magic, Elves Bells, Sparkle Top Coat and Midnight Sleigh Ride

What collection?
  • Grape Gumball is from Spring 2012 Gumdrops & Lollipops (bought on clearance)
  • Santa's Magic, Elves Bells and Midnight Sleigh Ride are from 2012 Holiday of Wonder collection (Elves Bells and Midnight Sleigh Ride were bought on clearance)
  • Sparkle Top Coat - I thought it was also from the 2012 Holiday of Wonder collection since I bought it at the same time as Santa's Magic, but I can't find it online as part of that collection...
Sally Girl polishes:

Snowman in Sparkle, Sally Girl in 812007 and 812132
  • I bought Snowman Sparkle in November 2012

Nail Savvy - I'm not even sure this is made/sold anymore, but since I've got them:
French Rose Opal Frost and French Ballet Pink - both extremely sheer
These 2 are the oldest polishes in my collection, not counting the old Essie and Mary Kay ones my mom gave me a few years ago (those are from my early teen years over 15 yrs ago...I just felt old typing that last part).

If I had done all of the polishes that I can only find at Sally's Beauty Supply, then Orly would be in this post too, but there's enough of those that they get their own day.

See anything you'd like to see on the nails soon?  Let me know and I'll get right on it!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Version of...Sinful Colors v. Maybelline v. Forever 21


Today I'm going to do a quick post comparing one of my newer pretties to a couple that I've had around for a while...and at the end of the post, you'll get to see which one - if any - is actually being de-stashed(!).

So I don't have to re-type this:  The "undies" for everything is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Without A Stitch - no separate base or top coats.

The first comparison actually ended up being no comparison at all once on the nails.  If I'd looked at my nail wheels better, I would have seen that.  Oh, well.  Now we all know.
pinkie (left) has 1 coat of Sinful Colors Lush Life (limited edition from 2013 Almost Famous collection)
ring (right) has 1 coat of Maybelline Sea-Quins (limited edition from 2012 Sequins collection)
~~no dupes here, just the same color family~~

Moving on:
middle finger (left) has 1 coat of Sinful Colors Lush Life
index finger (right) has 2 coats of Love & Beauty/Forever 21  Crystal/Turquoise
bottle shots  
Crystal/Turquoise looks like I've used a bunch, but I've only used it a time or 2
and swatched it on the nail wheel

They both have a clear base and both have small teal glitters with hex glitters that are a size or 2 bigger.  Sinful Colors is more glitter-packed and has a much, much easier formula to work with.  It took 2 coats of Crystal/Turquoise to look like one easy coat of Lush Life.  You also get a little bit more in the Sinful Colors bottles for less cost than Love & Beauty polishes ($2.80).  

Lush Life is limited edition at Walgreens, available now, so if you want it, go grab it now.  Crystal/Turquoise might be able to be found at the Forever 21 store; online, I found (and linked) Turquoise Tinsel, Celestial Blue, and Turquoise Glitter that might be similar.  I also found some other polishes that caught my eye, but that's another story. 

Forever 21/Love & Beauty Crystal/Turquoise will be leaving the stash.  It's nice to slowly/quietly de-stash my collection from dupes, keeping just the better formulas while trying to keep limited edition collections together as much as possible.  I also need to get back into doing these types of posts comparing them to current releases from OPI, China Glaze & Essie... If I can spot a dupe or "good enough for me" in my collection, then I won't want to run out and buy that particular new polish.

Did you get your hands on Lush Life?  Do you know of another polish it might be a dupe for?  Let me know!  Do you go through your collection periodically and pull duplicate colors or do you do it all at once?

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection


I've got another Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post today!  I wanted to get this up as soon as I could since through tomorrow, Walgreens has an in-ad coupon for $1 off Sinful Colors (it might vary by location...).  The location I went to didn't enforce the limit of 3 that's printed on the coupon.  I've also read some reports of Sinful Colors actually being on sale as well, but not where I live.  I was perfectly content to use the coupon as much as I wanted.  :-)

So today's collection is the Sugar Rush collection - 7 new (probably limited edition) shades and 1 core color.
Colors are (left to right): 
Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated, Sugar Rush, Sweet Nothing, 
Cotton Candy, Sugar N Spice, Orange Cream, Unicorn
 Cotton Candy 1172, Sweet Nothing 1171, Candy Coated 1174
 Sugar N Spice 1170, Sugar Rush 1169, Sweet Tooth 1180
 Orange Cream 1173
 Unicorn 953 - this shade is a core color (already had from its initial release)
And now swatches:
Unicorn, Sugar Rush, Sweet Nothing, Orange Cream, Cotton Candy, 
Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated, Sugar N Spice

  • Unicorn has 3 coats
  • Sugar N Spice has 2 coats but is opaque at 1(!)
  • The rest are 2 coats
  • Orange Cream, Cotton Candy, Sweet Tooth, Candy Coated & Sugar N Spice all have a very fine shimmer but it's not really visible in the swatches (unless you're holding it up to your nose)

They all look so pretty on the wheel!  It's making me crave some warmer weather looking at all the spring-y colors.  And I think these will be perfect layered under various glitters...which I have a lot of...or used as nail art....all kinds of possibilities.

Have you picked up any from this collection?  Can you think of any polishes that any of these might be similar to?  And of course, let me know if you'd like to see any of these on the nails soon!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spotted - Maybelline Spring 2013 Color Goes Electric


I've got a Spotted post today for new Maybelline goodies!  So far, I've seen 2 displays for this collection, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's more that hasn't shown up yet.  I spotted these at Walgreens - one location had the large collection and another Walgreens just had the polish display.  I didn't get any close up pictures of the polishes, liners or lipsticks since the polishes look like I might have matches in other brands, the liners look like core colors (but 3/4 claim to be l.e.) and I haven't even tried the Vivids line...and I've got so many lip products now that I don't wear as it is.
  • 4 MasterDrama liners:  
    • The first 3 (Purple Punch, Stormy Navy, Midnight Spark) say limited edition; the last one (Midnight Master) is permanent  - I wonder how different the "l.e." ones are from the permanents in those shades
  • 2 limited edition shades of polish:
    • Alluring Rose and Precious Plum 
  • 4 limited edition shades of Vivids lipsticks:
    • Electric Fuchsia, Pop of Cherry, Orange Edge, Infra-Red 
  • 4 limited edition EyeStudio palettes - listed below
  • 3 limited edition blushes - listed below
 Wild Blossom, Coral Burst and Golden Fuse blushes
I cannot imagine that Coral Burst looking that nice on me - too warm & bright of a color for my cool, fair skin
Violet Volt (top left), Natural Shock (top right),
Striking Blue (bottom left), Electric Emerald (bottom right)
I think that Violet Sky (if that light purple is pigmented) would look gorgeous with my blue eyes and the Natural Shock looks nice as well.
 The 2 on the bottom look like colors I already have, so those will be skipped for sure.

The nail polish display was at a different Walgreens:

Orange Extreme, Shock Wave
Coral Glow, Lustrous Lime
Intense Teal, Mesmerizing Magenta
Flash of Purple, Blast of Blue

All 8 of the polishes from this display have a fine shimmer to them.  I'm not sure I'll get any of the polishes, but if I do, I'd pick Intense Teal and Blast of Blue.  The rest are a bit too neon for me - and Flash of Purple looks similar to ones I already have.  I'll have to look at the 2 in the large collection display again to see if they have that shimmer running through and if they appeal to me.

I haven't bought anything...yet.  But I do have picked out which products I want - 2 of the blushes and only 2 of the eyeshadows.  I'm waiting until these go on sale since they EyeStudio eyeshadow line is almost $10 at Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS.  I have no idea how much the blushes are... Doesn't it drive you crazy how not everything is priced at drugstores on the limited edition displays?  The polishes I'm not sure I'll get any of, but I did pick 2 that I would consider.

Anything you have your eye on?  Have you tried the Vivids line?  Do you like them? Good staying power?

**all opinions are my own
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    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Kitty's Haul for National Love Your Pet Day!

    Hi again!
    Apparently, I/we have really good timing for deciding to purchase new kitty toys since today is National Love Your Pet Day.  So Kitty is going to have a little haul of his new toys (or at least the ones I can find pictures of online since the packaging has already been destroyed or they came from another pet store that doesn't have a site).  Most of the toys came from Petsmart.
    KONG® for Cats Denim Rings Toy - PetSmart
    He is absolutely loving this toy!  It was the third one I pulled out of the bag and this is the one that he's played with the most.  I'm talking 3 out of 4 paws involved at one time play as well as hugging, rubbing and kicking it.  So cute!  We haven't had this much new-toy-luck with him in ages.
    Petlinks System Flash Dance Lighted Cat Toy - PetSmart
    "Petlinks System Flash Dance Lighted Cat Toy"
    This one is still in the packaging, but given how much he loves to chase the laser pointer, we're pretty hopeful he'll love this one too.  It's supposed to be touch/paw activated and then blinks.
    Grreat Choice™ Crinkle Balls Cat Toys - PetSmart
    He got a new one of these Mylar Balls too (except I think this is the small size and he got a bigger one).  This  picture is sourced from Petsmart, but I got his at a different store (can you believe that store doesn't have a shop-able website - not even inventory is listed?!).  It's already been smacked under the cabinet all the way back against the wall so I'll have to go treasure hunting soon.  
    Grreat Choice™ Sheep Skin Catnip Mouse - PetSmart
    This little guy came home as well, but he's still hanging out in the bag.  We figured we'd give him a just a few new toys at a time - especially since he seems to have already developed a favorite.
    Petlinks™ Tinker Tease™ Bamboo Bead Cat Toy - PetSmart
    Yet another toy that is still waiting in the bag - mainly because we didn't have any scissors close at hand and this is stuck to the card with mini cable-tie things that are impossible to get off.  I thought this would be another good thing for him to chew on since he's been naughty that way the past few days.
    Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick for Cats - PetSmart
    I got this hoping he would get the idea to chew on it since it claims to freshen breath - he hasn't chewed on it yet...but it is quite fun for him to send flying across the floor (it goes quite far on our wood floors).  So far the play time has come from me throwing it and Kitty chasing after it to smack it all over...repeat...repeat.

    I found him 2 other toys - from the other pet store with a crap website.  The first one is supposed to suction cup to almost any surface and it has a arm that sticks out a little ways with a feather & bell embellished ball.  We need to find a good place for that to (hopefully) stick to and I'm hoping he'll enjoy that toy as well.  And as for the cord that the ball is suspended from, it looks like it will be easy to replace if (I mean once) Kitty bites through it.  The other one is a little ball that you can put catnip inside and then when (if) Kitty plays with it, it has an uneven spin/wobble/roll to it.  So far with that one, he's given it one good smack and sent it to the corner and there it's stayed.

    I got a couple of bunny necessities as well - nothing too fun, just chew sticks and a salt/vitamin chunk.  

    After all of these new toys Kitty should be well entertained and we've hopefully got him re-stimulated enough that he won't be chewing on wires and cords like he's done the last few days.  

    **all items purchased by me with my own money
    **my opinions are my own .... or are these Kitty's opinions? lol
    **not sponsored/affiliated

    Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Sinful Colors Almost Famous Glitters Collection!


    Today I've got a Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post to share!  It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I wanted to get it up as soon as possible since this week at Walgreens, there's a coupon in the ad to make Sinful Colors an even better well as 3 new displays popping up all at the same time!  At the Walgreens I went to, the associate did not enforce the "limit 3" that is printed on the coupon - in her words, "we've got displays all over so get as many as you want."  That may not be true for all locations...

    For today's post, I've got the Almost Famous Glitters collection!
    This particular store location had 2 displays - one almost wiped out and this one
    I believe the colors are in this order on the display (didn't take notes since I bought them all):
    After Party (the blue behind the misplaced color), Lush Life, Fantasy, Bombshell, In the Spotlight, Show Stopping, Star Dust and Poparazzi
    First row: Fantasy, Poparazzi, In the Spotlight, After Party, Bombshell
    Second row: Lush Life, Show Stopping, Star Dust
    Fantasy 1166, Poparazzi 1161, In the Spotlight 1168
    After Party 1165 and Bombshell 1167
     Lush Life 1162, Show Stopping 1163 and Star Dust 1164
    And now for swatches:
     Fantasy, Poparazzi, In the Spotlight, After Party, Bombshell, Lush Life, Show Stopping, Star Dust
    • Poparazzi has 2 thin coats - would probably be fairly opaque with 3 coats
    • After Party and Lush Life are 1 coat plus some extra hex glitters added
    • Show Stopping is 2 thin coats
    • The rest are just one regular coat
    • Star Dust's base has the slightest purple tint to it
    I'll be doing some comparisons with these and some China Glaze Prismatic collection and Wet 'n Wild Be Jeweled collection from last year (and maybe a couple randoms) pretty soon.  While running around, I have not come across the new Wet 'n Wild Toppings collection yet - if I do (and purchase any - might just try to get good bottle shots if they seem really repetitive), then I will add those to the comparison as well.

    Have you seen this collection yet?  Any you have your eye on?  Any you would like to see on the nail first?  Let me know!

    **all items purchased by me
    **my opinions are my own
    **not sponsored/affiliated

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013

    "Get Out of the House" Collective Haul!


    A couple weeks ago, I was feeling a bit of "cabin fever" and just really wanted to get out of the house for a while.  So I did, and while mostly I just browsed the drugstores (I did not buy anything from either Rite Aid or Walgreens), I did find a few things from Target, Walmart and the beauty supply stores.  Not a lot, but sometimes several little hauls adds up to a lot over time. The whole "restricted/no-buy" thing is not going well this month.  Oops.  I'll have to try harder for the rest of the month...and next month.

    So with all that said, what all did I find? Let's start off with my first item, which was from Target.
    Sonia Kashuk #16   Sweet Nothings palette - clearance for $10

    And from there, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply which is almost right next door to Target (there's literally only 3-4 stores between Target's doors and Sally's).
    Femme Couture Smokin' Eyes Shadow Stick in White

    I got this hoping it would be a substitute for the NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk.  Got it home, and nope - it's got a sheen/shimmer to it.  My guess is that it would be similar to the NYX pencil in Cottage Cheese (I think that's the name of the shimmery white).  After this let-down, I did a Google search and read some about the L.A. Colors so next time I go out, I'll probably stop at a store that sells them and see if I can find it - I am determined and once I find it, I hope I'll be happy. lol

    Then I went to North Coast Beauty Supply, hoping that they would have the new Euro collection from OPI out...but no.  I did get a couple other things, though.
    Zoya 3-in-1 Remove + and China Glaze Soft Sienna Silks (clearanced)

    I did finish my polish remover that is not pure acetone, so the Remove + is replacing that.  I like to keep some more gentle remover (compared to pure acetone) around so I thought I would try the Zoya since it seems to have almost a cult following.

    And I finished my day up at Walmart since we needed kitty litter and laundry stuff.  I got a couple of things, 2 of which were things I've been meaning to get new ones of for a while and kept forgetting, and one extra.
    Salon Perfect nail polish in Fire & Ice (first one of this brand for me) - this is the extra
    and a trio of nail clippers - clearance section - needed replacements
    and a much needed new super sticky lint roller - a must need when your kitty is primarily white and a good chunk of both of our wardrobes are dark

    So there's my "escape the house haul."  While it wasn't a lot of things, it does add up quickly.

    Have you felt the need to just get out of the house lately?

    **all items purchased by me
    **my opinions are my own
    **not sponsored/affiliated