Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workout Wednesday...Update 2


It's Wednesday again!  Where is the time going?  It's time for a Workout Wednesday Update.
While I haven't been nearly as active as I should have been for the last couple of weeks, I do have a little update to share.

True workouts haven't happened like they should have, but I have been making an effort to stand while watching something on the Mister's computer or while having conversations with others.  I did find out during one of those conversations that since we are renting our house from my parents, we are not allowed to set the pool back up for the summer season - this is the insurance company's rule.  That completely sucks. :-(

I posted on Twitter earlier today that we brought the dreaded treadmill up from the basement - his idea.  I did not enjoy that form of "exercise" at all.  I'm surprised my toes aren't bruised since it did squish them multiple times.  I've just got bruises in other spots.  And I'm sure I'll have a backache the next couple of days.  Now that thing will be right in eye sight, taunting me to use it - maybe that's what I need....

The thing that I'm most excited about for this month is that even though I wasn't as purposely active as I should have been, I did manage to lose 2 pounds!  I'm contributing that to cutting way back on sweets - I've even lost my cravings for sweets (at least temporarily) - and I've barely touched soda/pop this month.

Any tips you'd care to share with me?  I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do true workouts...

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