Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Workout Wednesday...Update 1

As mentioned last Wednesday, I want to use Wednesdays as a way to keep track of how much physical activity I'm doing in an effort to be better to myself.

So what have I done in the last week?  Not as much as I was hoping for.  Oops.  I have learned a couple of things about how to do one specific exercise to not trigger aches and pains that come from moving the wrong way.

I've learned the best way to do push-ups without triggering wrist pain: get in girly-style (knees on the ground) and then put my hands a couple of inches in from the edge of my mini-trampoline.  By doing it this way, I was able to knock out 20 with no subsequent pain in the wrist.  I tried it going the other way (hands on the ground, knees on the trampoline), but that was a lot more uncomfortable.  I felt like if I keep doing it that way (the second way), I will most likely end up causing the wrist pain that lasts for days.  The other way I can do them is in a "standing" position by planting my feet quite a way away from the end of the bed and then using the bed-rail for my hands.

I was standing a lot more to watch whatever show was on TV rather than parking my rear on the couch.  And while standing, I started doing squats (just not super low yet).  I was even able to hold the squat for around 30 seconds, and did that more than once.  I also remember doing some awkward looking leg-lifts while brushing my teeth at night a few nights.

Hopefully I'll do better this coming week!

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