Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stone Cold with Pizzazz Nail Look


Today I'm bringing my current (yes, this is on my nails right now) nail look.  For once, the blog coincides with real life!  If I had had the inspiration, I think this is what I would have wanted on my nails for New Years Eve and Day...but since I didn't get inspired for anything, I had bare nails for the new year.  We'll just say that I was giving my nails a breather (and not admit that I had a lack of ideas).  I put this mani on Wednesday night.  And as of right now, there are no chips or tip wear, which is pretty good since there's no top coat in sight.

I had the idea to pair a matte polish with shiny glitter and I knew just which 2 polishes I wanted to use.

I started off with my usual base coat of Bridge the Ridge, then applied 2 coats of China Glaze Stone Cold from the 2012 Hunger Games collection (bought on clearance from Sally's Beauty Supply).  This polish dried pretty fast so by the time I get done with one coat on all my nails, I didn't have to wait to apply a second coat.

Stone Cold is a charcoal gray polish that has a silver matte-shimmer cast to it for some interest.  The Mister thought it was a textured polish, it looks like it could be in some lights but nope.  Smooth.

Next I applied China Glaze Pizzazz from the 2012 Holiday Joy collection.  I put it on in a gradient style from the base, which is my current obsession of how I put on glitter.  This polish worked perfectly for it!  Not too much clear base and the glitter came off the brush fairly easily (no extra supplies in sight).

Pizzazz is composed of silver, magenta, teal, yellow, red and green glitter.  The silver and magenta are in 2 sizes of hex glitters; the rest are all small.  As I mentioned above, the base is clear and not too thick or too thin.

Apparently, I cannot keep myself away from doing a glitter gradient that starts from the base of the nail.  The last 3 out of 4 manis involving more than one color that I've had on have been that way.  The other one was going from the tips.

What do you think of the combo of a matte base color with shiny glitter?  Love it or not so much?  What's your favorite way to use glitter polishes?

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