Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spotted & Hauled! New Revlon Polish!


Today I'm sharing the new Revlon polishes that I bought around the middle of December.  I am still seeing the displays sitting at Rite Aid and Walgreens so you hopefully you will be able to find them if you want to see them in person. :-)

First, at Rite Aid I spotted this display for Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights:
polish names from left to right: 
Optimistic, Sheer Sweetie, Bubbly, Heavenly, Enchanting, Girly
Urban, Trendy, Ritzy (previously limited edition with the name Sparkle Aplenty), Eclectic, Iconic 
and matte top coat
In the very back of the display (white caps) are probably treatments and base coats, but I didn't look closely at those.  And all these polishes have numbers, so that's leading me to think these will be in the core collection, plus the display just says "new Revlon nail enamel."

And I bought these:
260 Girly - pretty milky pink base with shades of pink & purple glitters
 770 Heavenly - square iridescent glitters in a clear base
 and Petites color Fever in Pink Diamond (this one was on clearance)

And from Walgreens, I spotted the display for the Spellbound Top Speed collection.  
polish names from left to right:  
(not sure of the red-orange), Crystal Glow, Essence, Hearts of Gold FX, 
Celestial FX, Superstitious, Black Magic and (not sure of the white one)

The display on this also says "new Revlon top speed", and we have seen quite a few Top Speed shades being clearanced at the drugstores, so these could make it into the core line, too.  Those are quite interesting glitters to be introduced to the core line, if that's what's going to happen.

I got the 2 glitters (surprise, surprise), or as Revlon is calling them "FX Top Coats":
901 Hearts of Gold FX and 902 Celestial Fix
Hearts of Gold FX is made up of gold holographic hearts and little gold glitters in a clear base.  Celestial FX is so much glittery goodness! Silver holographic stars, moons, diamonds and little iridescent glitters! It's got a clear base too.

Are you as drawn to glitter polishes as I am?  Must buy all the glitters!!  Let me know if you want to see these swatched on a nail wheel!  :-)

**all products purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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