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Project "Finish this Stuff," part 15


Today I'm bringing what all products I finished in November and December, both full size and samples.  As usual, I've included brief mini reviews of each item.  And at the end of the post, I'll have a final tally for the year.  This project has been quite the mission, but I've never regretted starting it.  And I'm still going to continue on.  One of these days (years), I'll be down to just the things that I really love...maybe...hopefully...if I can curb the urge to try all kinds of new things and buy backups when I think I really like it (especially if I find it clearanced).   But until that happens, if it ever does, I shall continue on finishing up what all I can.

With all that said, let's see what I finished in November.  November was a slow month with regards to what met its end.
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Warm Vanilla Sugar:  This scent is one I always repurchase when I replenish the stock.
Neutrogena Shine Control Powder: not that impressed with this powder; it's also expensive for being a powder.  Probably won't repurchase.
Jane Iredale BB cream sample (lightest shade): I got a sample from the hair salon I go to.  I liked the way it looked to start and the color match was about perfect, but after about 4 hours my oil started breaking through and made it look cakey/yucky.  Maybe now that my topical prescription's been changed (and I'm not as oily because of it), I might see if I can get another sample to see if it works better.
Maybelline Illegal Length mascara:  I've already reviewed this mascara.  After the review, I set it aside for a while and then used it again.  Once it had dried out some it wasn't as bad, but not long after that point I noticed that the smell was a little off.  Won't repurchase.
Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, 2.5%: prescription.  I'm still using this (out of a new tube), but only at night as a direct spot treatment.  I'm trying to get away from it - I read on a forum that it could possibly contribute to the left over redness (not sure how true that is, but just in case...I'm trying to lesson my dependence on it).  Not sure about repurchasing, since it depends on how well new prescriptions work.
Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Shell sample: the Mister hates the way this looks on (says it looks like paint).  Won't purchase.

And now for December - I managed to get through quite a lot of things (or decided early in the month it was just a junk product), and then on the 31st added the eye primer and mascara that I'd been using for quite a few months.  New year, fresh start!
Aveeno Living Color Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner for Medium-Thick foil packet samples: I liked both.  My hair didn't feel nearly as dried out just after rinsing the shampoo as it did with the last shampoo I was using.  And the conditioner left my hair feeling nice.  I have another set of the samples as well as the full-size bottles.  I'm currently using the shampoo, but am using various other conditioners.  Will probably repurchase at some point.
Got2b Guardian Angel 425 Heat Protect Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm: I used this quite a bit, then was told by my hair stylist that I was getting product build-up so I needed to switch.  Since the switch I've liked my hair a lot better.  Won't repurchase (and have purged my backups).
Suave Professionals Black Raspberry + White tea Color Care Leave-In Conditioner: I liked this product, but I'm not positive if this contributed to the build-up problem or not.  Might repurchase in the summer since it has UV protection.
John Frieda Collection Root Awakening Strength Restoring Smoothing Lotion foil pack sample: only one use in the sample so wasn't able to notice a real difference in my hair.  I'm not really sure about if I'll purchase this or not.
Finacea (Azelaic Acid) Gel, 15% full size and sample: prescription.  I felt that this dried out my skin when used every night, and my skin stayed dried out well into the next day.  I'm now off of this.  Won't repurchase.
Rite Aid Renewal Dark Spot Corrector: this felt nice going on, and for a while I felt like I was breaking out less...but then I got out of the habit and my skin went haywire.  When I went back to using it, I didn't notice it working like before.  I did not notice a difference with regard to fading acne marks (which is what I got it for); instead it just felt like a nice night-time moisturizer.  Maybe if I'd used it twice a day I would have seen more results.... Probably won't repurchase.
Avon Renew Clinical Deep Crease Concentrate sample: I've got a bunch of these little (old) foil pack samples.  I've used up 6 so far, using them on my neck and upper chest as a moisturizer.  I've not noticed any changes and figure that I probably won't.  Won't purchase (if this is even made anymore).
E.L.F. Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets: I've gone through a couple of these, especially since I would go through 2 or 3 after putting on moisturizer and before foundation or concealer; they're pretty typical of the basic blotting sheet.  Probably won't repurchase since I've found a brand I like better.
Studio 35 Beauty Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover: I bought this from Walgreens when I was out of my CVS brand remover.  Even though they are both "dupes" of the Neutrogena one, I don't think the Studio 35 worked nearly as easily/quickly.  Won't repurchase - My favorite is the CVS dupe (I even like it better than the Neutrogena).
Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster: when I used it religiously, I think that I did notice a difference, but then I got out of the habit and this tube got too old to use again.  Might repurchase.
Burt's Bees Replenishing Lipbalm with Pomegranate oil:  Love this!  This is what I used all last winter and didn't have any problem with chapped lips... I think it tastes pretty good too.  Will repurchase (even though I've got lots and lots of other lipbalms, I probably won't wait to repurchase since I'm having some issues with chapping right now and the others just aren't quite cutting it to heal and prevent)
Colgate Total toothpaste sample: I did like this.  I kept it in the half bath for occasional use.  It left a clean feel.  Might repurchase.

The "past it's prime" stuff
Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Brightener & Concealer Duo: Finished the concealer end by using  it everywhere but the undereyes (too hard for that).  The Brightener irritated the undereye area.  Won't repurchase.
Clean & Clear Morning Glow Eye Brightening Cream: Too old to use (a.k.a. got lost in the makeup and skincare stash for a few years).  I don't believe this is made anymore.
NYC Big Bold mascara: My favorite mascara of 2012.  I read about it on Nouveau Cheap's blog sometime during the summer, bought it and opened it up even though I had others waiting to be used.  This gave length, volume, and provided some curl - and since I don't use an eyelash curler, all the better.  Will repurchase.
Wet 'n Wild MegaLength mascara sample: came in a kit (I believe).  It did provide some length, but overall wasn't impressive.  I got out the other sample tube to open and use first thing this year so it will be gone; won't repurchase.
E.L.F. $1 Eyelid Primer: Love this stuff! I use this pretty much every time I put on makeup.  I even took the stopper out when I thought the tube was running out and got several more months' use.  I've got backups and a brand new one is sitting out ready to be opened. Will repurchase (whenever I run out of back-ups).
E.L.F. $1 Liquid Eyeliner in black: Love this stuff!  I actually like this one a little better than the Wet 'n Wild liquid eyeliner.  I never had any irritation even if I used it several days in a row (once in a while I had that with the Wet 'n Wild).

The "junk" stuff - won't purchase any of it:
2 eyeliner/lipliner pencils (generic brand): no color payoff at all
2 E.L.F. Lengthening & Defining mascaras: came in a set, all dried out as usual.  I've never been able to even try an E.L.F. mascara since every one that I've come across has been dried out.

So, how many items between samples and full size products did I finish over the course of 2012?  The magic answer is: 115 and I threw away 22 things that were no longer in usable condition (i.e. too old, irritated the skin, not as good as when I opened it, total junk from the start, etc...).

Grand total for 2012: 137!!  I think that's pretty darn good!  There were a couple other things that were close to making it into the bag for 2012 but since I was lazy a night or 2, there's still some product left.  That just means that I'm on my way for January finishes.  Also, over the last month I've been purging my various stashes of backups and rejects.  Why should I keep something I don't like or it doesn't work for me anymore?  When I think I'm done with the purge, I'll be contacting a couple of cousins to go through it all and whatever is left I'll get rid of by either having my mom or the Mister take it to work for the ladies to scavenge.  I'm definitely going to keep working my way through my various stashes of makeup, skincare and haircare.  I'm also going to try to do project updates on a monthly basis so on the off-chance I use up a bunch of stuff 2 months in a row it won't be a huge post.

How much did you use up during 2012, if you kept track?

**most products purchased by me; some received as samples either through mail requests or Target beauty bags
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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