Friday, January 18, 2013

Orly Decoded with Can't be Tamed nails


Today I'm sharing a nail look that I came up with last year - back in October to be more precise.  Not sure how this mani got missed being shared closer to when I had it on.    Anyway....

Over a ridge-filling base coat, I put 2 coats of Orly Decoded from the 2012 Fall Electronica collection.  I probably used a topcoat after that, but it's been a while since this was on my nails so I don't remember for sure
Decoded is a nice creamy slightly blue-toned gray with no embellishments, which makes it perfect to go under various glitters.  I got this one on clearance - I try not to pay full price for cream-finished Orly polishes since they don't tend to lay right on my nails.

Then I put a coat of Orly Can't be Tamed from the first wave of polishes in the Flash Glam FX collection.  I don't specifically remember how it applied, but looking at it in the bottle today, the glitters really need a good mixing to get suspended correctly again...this collection doesn't like to be left sitting too long without attention.  Judging from my pictures I had a hard time getting the little glitters cleaned up from my skin, but I've since improved on my clean-up skills.
Can't be Tamed is predominantly purple hex glitters with little silvery-gunmetal hex glitters.

What color would you put under Can't be Tamed?  How many of the Flash Glam FX glitters did you get, if any?

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