Sunday, January 6, 2013

OPI Stay the Night

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Today I'm showing another current mani!  Can you believe that?  For the most part, last year my nail posts never coincided with what was actually on.  Not so much this year (yet...).  Anyway, as you may have seen in my haul post from yesterday, I got some of the new "liquid sand" polishes and I've already put one on.  I'm not kidding - I bought it, took the pictures the next day, put it in the drawer, then turned around and got this one right back out.  I have to say, this polish is performing quite well for wear time.  Of course, I haven't washed my hair yet (I had done that a few hours before doing my nails and I only wash about 3 times a week so the color doesn't fade too quickly) and I had also done the dishes and cooking way earlier that day.  We'll see how it holds up after doing those tasks tonight and tomorrow.

I used 2 coats of Stay the Night over Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler base coat - that's what I had close to me when I put this on - and of course (per instructions) no top coat.
 This one was taken standing by the window, but no direct sunbeams...
Look at that red glitter showing up on my pinkie!!

Stay the Night is from the new (January) release of the Mariah Carey collection.  The "sand" part of this polish is a matte black and it has pretty shiny red glitters sprinkled throughout.  I did notice that the base of the polish is sheer charcoal gray/black, but 2 coats makes this perfectly opaque.  This feels like the coarse finish of a nail sanding block thing.  I did notice that if you have any of the sand particles on the edge of your nail, it is pretty scratchy so I lightly took a nail file on the lighter grit side and lightly "filed" the points off.  All better.

If you like the look of the color mix but don't care for the texture, a thick top coat (or 2) could be added to smooth it all out.  I'd try Gelous Gel Coat.  It's like 2 polishes in 1!  The thought of "this would look perfect for around Halloween" just randomly popped into my head.  I suppose it's one of those days where I'm all over the place.

Do you like the look of the new liquid sand polishes?  Did you get anything from the OPI Mariah Carey collection?

**all products purchased by me
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