Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Feature: Workout Wednesday


So as part of my New Year's resolution/goal/whatever you want to call it, I decided that I need to be better to myself, for myself.  That involves several things. Take better care of my skin, drink more water, eat better, and get my rear moving!!  I'm already cutting back on the sweets I'm eating - I've reduced to just 2 small things a day, down from as much as I wanted - and I'm drinking more water already.  I've only had a couple of sips of soda/pop.  I do need to cut back on the salty stuff that I've had way too much of in the past few days.  Oops.  You've already seen a few posts of the new things I've gotten for skincare, which I'm already using (Mia and new cleanser).

But as for getting my rear in gear, I need motivation (and I'm not talking about that negative crap that some might consider motivation).  So I thought that a way to hold me a little accountable is to make a new feature on here and call it Workout Wednesday.  I even made a little logo for it...I wouldn't want to waste my time making it and then not use it, right?
What am I hoping to get from this?  Let's start with making some of my new skinny jeans from Old Navy fit better in the legs.  And while I'm working on legs, I might as well work on my arms too - those flabby things.  So as of right now, the goal is to look better in my clothes.  That's a positive, achievable goal, right?

So what is my ultimate goal?  To lose around 20 pounds...writing that down makes it seem like a really big number, but that number would put me back to about what I weighed in high school about 11 years ago.  Will I be able to achieve that this year?  Who knows? But I can try... Last year I did manage to lose some weight, around 10 pounds...maybe a little more, then gained some, lost it again, gained, lost, I'm hopeful I can continue on just with more of the losing and less of the gaining.

Does lots of wiggling and fidgeting count as working out?  Not so much? about all the walking I do when I go shopping?  I normally don't park super close to the door, so I'm sure that helps too.  That's my current "workout" of choice. lol  That's a dangerous - i.e. expensive - workout.  I can't wait for the warmer months when our pool gets set back up.  The Mister said that was when I was at my happiest when I was able to get in the pool.  :-)

I have all kinds of exercise DVDs, little pieces of equipment like resistance bands, medicine balls and other little gadgets.  I've got a mini trampoline set up in my office (that was a workout in itself putting it together).  We do have a treadmill, which I hate.  And we have one of those home gym type things with the weights and the pulleys (think cheap version of bowflex) and all...but no.  No likey that thing either.  So we're back to DVDs and other things that I've bought over the years.  I even have a jump rope, which I used to love when I was a kid (before any...ummm..."development" happened).  All I'll say about jumping rope now is "owe."  And no, I'm not paying to go to a gym to workout.  I wanna do this on my own with no trained professional telling me what to do/when to do it or to feel self-conscious about how I look when I'm doing (or attempting) to do it.

Each time I do a new installment of this feature, I'll list the DVD(s) that I've used and other miscellaneous things I do that move me towards my goal.  And if/when I notice any notable changes, I'll be sure to share since I'm sure I will be oh, so proud of myself!

What's your workout of choice?  What keeps you motivated?  Any tips you'd like to share?

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