Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Version of... NYC v. Sally Hansen


More sorting/reorganizing/swatching of the polish stash has resulted in finding another pair of polishes in my stash that look pretty much identical in the bottles.  Are they dupes on the nail?  Let's see!

Today's post will be comparing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 140 Rockstar Pink with NYC In A New York Color Minute "Sparkle Top Coat" in 276 Big City Dazzle.  Let's start with looking at the bottles.  As you can see, Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink doesn't seem to stay as well suspended in its clear base as NYC Big City Dazzle.  But the color looks about right.
All my nails have 3 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 130 Beige Blast for a base color.
index is 1 coat of Rockstar Pink
middle is 2 coats of Big City Dazzle
ring is 1 coat of Rockstar Pink
pinky is 2 coats of Big City Dazzle
index is 1 coat of Rockstar Pink
middle is 5 coats of Big City Dazzle - yes five - 
it's super thick looking so I do not recommend building this up. 
Since I'm taking this right off, I didn't do any clean-up. Sorry about that.
ring is 1 coat of Rockstar Pink
pinky is 2 coats of Big City Dazzle

If you're just looking at the color (without examining it 3 inches from your nose), these are dupes.  Both are clear bases with predominantly magenta/hot pink glitter with blue and gold glitter.  Both have itty-bitty micro glitter with small glitter.  However, the Sally Hansen has the magenta/hot pink glitter in both the itty-bitty and the small sizes in addition to the itty-bitty micro gold glitter while the NYC only has a small amount of the gold itty-bitty micro glitter mixed in with the rest of the glitter.  This means the glitter density is completely different - the Sally Hansen would probably be opaque with 2 coats while the NYC would take many, many coats to be opaque (I put 5 coats and it still wasn't as dense as 1 of the Sally Hansen) - which makes them not dupes.  The NYC is most definitely a "sparkle top coat," as the label states.

If you missed my previous comparison (that is actually a dupe) between a NYC and Sally Hansen polish, click here.  I think that before I buy any more Sally Hansen or NYC polishes, I'll check the stock of each line to see if I already have it or not...and if one does look like another I have, then I'll have to consider opening the bottle in the store just to peak - not apply - to see how they compare on the brushes.

If you had to pick one to keep, which would you pick?  As of right now, for me they both will be staying.

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**my opinions are my own
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