Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First MAC Experience!


I'm just going to do a super quick post (with regards to photo-editing) today since all of a sudden, I'm not feeling too good.  Hope I'm not coming down with something.

So today's post will be about my first experience at the Mac counter inside Macy's.  The Mac counter inside the Macy's I go to is relatively new - last year was when it appeared.  Whenever I would go to the mall, I would walk by it on my way to other stores since it was always pretty busy, but at the start of January, it was almost deserted so I stopped.

The lady that was working there was super nice, and she got my super-fair skin matched on the second try.  After she tried the first shade, which was too neutral, she remembered that a new shade (at least new to that particular counter) had just come in so I was the first to try it and that one was right on.  My wishlist was: covers the redness, holds up to oily skin, and doesn't look like "paint" (the Mister's term for unnatural looking foundation).

What did she match me up with? Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW 10.  Pretty pale, right?  I just checked on Mac's website - that's the palest in the "NW" category, which has more of a pink undertone.
I came home with a sample of the foundation, as well as a sample of the Prep & Prime Natural Radiance

What all did she use on me?  First off, she had me use a Mac makeup remover wipe - wow was that thing saturated.  I thought it was nice that she just had me take off what I had on from just one cheek at first so I wouldn't have to be sitting there looking completely undone.  I very much appreciated that since my skin was pretty red that day.

After matching me, she had me take the foundation off again and then she started over with the Prep & Prime Natural Radiance primer.  Then since the foundation didn't cover the most intense redness, she used Studio Finish Concealer in NW 15 underneath the foundation since it's a bit darker than the foundation, then the foundation, then lightly dabbed the concealer on top of the worst spot and my undereye circles.  The brush she picked was (I think) the 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush - I didn't care for it as the white fibers seemed too long and when I was trying to use it, I had a hard time getting the streakiness blended out.  It also seemed too small to be using as a foundation brush.  If I remember correctly, the concealer went into my under-eye lines pretty quickly so I'm pretty sure I won't be getting it.  I'm not sure about the foundation and primer - that's what samples are for.

She also set the foundation and concealer in Blot Powder in Medium - according to her the Blot Powder in Light can leave a bit of a white cast - and I did like the way it looked on.  She finished everything off using the Sheertone Blush in Tenderling to bring some life back to my face.  I really liked the way that the blush looked...if I ever decide that I want a quick makeup pick-me-up purchase that is fancier/pricier than drugstore, this might be the item - especially since I don't have to travel very far at all...15 minutes tops.

I still need to play around more with the foundation and primer samples since I wasn't crazy about the way that the brush she was using applied it.  The Mister said you could tell that I had foundation on, so it wasn't as well blended in as I would have liked.  I'll have to see how it looks using the Real Techniques duo fiber brush that I have, as well as try a couple other methods.  My first thoughts after wearing that foundation for a few hours, besides it not covering the really red spots on its own, was it didn't last as long as I thought it should before getting shiny.  I looked about 3-4 hours after application and my T-zone was shiny - the foundation claims 8 hours.

My overall goal was just to see what color I would actually be in Mac since so many bloggers and YouTubers talk about their skincolor in terms of Mac foundation shades.  I'm part of the group now.  lol  I'll also be able to use Temptalia's foundation matrix to see what I'd probably be in various brands and formulas.    While I'm not sure how many Mac products I'll purchase (other than that blush I may get at some point), I am happy that I stopped and had a nice experience.

Do you use Mac products?  What shade are you?  What's your favorite product?

**products received as samples
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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