Monday, January 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Jewelry


Another Monday has made its way again, so its time for a "miscellaneous" post.  While I attempt to regain my creative inspiration, I'll share a couple more pieces of jewelry I've made.
This pair of earrings is made with 3 types of beads, with the larger pair being ones that I found at some point.  Then I used a few seed beads and a couple bi-cone beads and copper findings.
I made this bracelet out of a gold button (cut the shank off), coral colored pearls and a different type of off-white seed bead, all put together on an elastic cord.  This bracelet coordinates with a necklace that I made quite a while ago.
This necklace is made from an earring that long-ago lost its mate.  The earring was originally a post-style, so I cut the post off.  Then I separated that piece from the dangling part.  I used the part that was originally attached to the post as the end-of-the-chain piece and used the dangling part as the pendant.  I put everything together using copper findings and chain since that's the color of the earring's metal.

What do you do with earrings that you have lost the match to?

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**my designs are my own - no inspiration for these
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