Monday, January 7, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday...DIY Jewelry


It's been missing for a couple weeks, but I'm bringing back Miscellaneous Monday! Today I'm sharing a couple of necklaces and a pair of earrings that I made in the late Fall.
First is a necklace.  When I was making this, I was running short on the chain I wanted to use, so I made a couple of transition pieces with turquoise beads to go between the 2 types (you can see that in the upper right picture).  I made the little end of chain decoration out of some more of those same beads. And for the pendant itself, I added 3 of the beads to hang down at the bottom.  The pendant is hanging by 2 points from the chain that I wish I had had more of.
And I made earrings to coordinate using the same beads and placement.  The pendant and earring focal pieces came on 1 card from Walmart's clearance section (it was probably the end of last summer). The brand was probably Cousin.

And I made this necklace using a "faux shells" ring (Darice brand) and a lighter brown leather cord necklace wrapped around it.  I added 2 sections of bronze chain to make it hang at a better length on me since wrapping the leather shortened it quite a bit.  I purchased the leather necklace on clearance from a discount store since it was missing its pendant.  I think it was about $1 and I got it knowing it would go in the supply basket for a future project.

I really need to get back into making things or painting or something to keep my hands busy (I have a hard time keeping my hands off my face, which keeps spots nice and red).  If my hands aren't occupied it's dangerous for my skin.  Oops - bad habit that I really need to kick.

What do you to keep your hands occupied?

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